7 Signs that your PC is infected with Malware.
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7 Signs Your PC is infected with Malware.

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With growing number of internet users around the world, the opportunities for cybercriminals to take advantage of system vulnerabilities have also increased.  As people are becoming more and more dependent on the internet the growth in malware-based cyber-attacks is clearly seen. A form of Malware known as Ransomware resulted in a global epidemic of computer infections recently. With continuously evolving cybersecurity threats, the understanding and recognition of these attacks was never so important in the past. It can help in timely detection of malware that can prevent potential damages due to it.This blog will discuss the potential signs of malware infections with possible measures that you can take to prevent such situations. Here are the potential signs of malware infections. There are following commonly found signs of malware infections.


The first sign of malware infection that you should look for is computer system “slow down”. If it takes longer than usual for your computer to boot up or it takes more than usual to start/run a program then it may be the sign of malware infection. However, you must also check few other things that may cause similar problems for example lack of RAM, lack of hard drive space or hardware issues. If you have already checked all of these issues then you should consider the possibility of malware infection.

Pop-up Windows.

A pop-up window is usually a sign of malware infection especially if these are unwanted and open on its own. In such cases, it affects your ability to navigate through web browsers while it’s difficult to close the web browser as well. Pop-ups are not only annoying for internet users but also bundled with other malware-based threats that can be destructive to your computer. You may avoid this malware by following few simple steps that include
  • You should not click on suspicious windows.
  • You must not reply any unsolicited email/messages.
  • Avoid downloading free applications.
If you already have Malware infection on your computer then you must take measures to deal with such infections. There are many products available online for free as well as paid to remove malware if you find it difficult our full PC health check includes complete malware removal and protection service.

Computer Crash.

Is your computer keep turning off, crashing or showing the Blue screen of death constantly then it is clear warning sign that something is not going well with your computer. This issue can be a result of following problems
  • There can be an issue related to compatibility between hardware and software.
  • It may be a malware related issue.
In case of software and hardware compatibility issue, multiple types of software including antivirus programs and orphaned registry keys that were not removed from that system may result in system crash. This issue requires computer cleaning from unwanted programs, applications, registry keys, and broken links. While for malware related issue you must run computer scan to check and find computer virus or malware. In case you have any of above-mentioned problems you can also get professional help from our experienced technicians who will visit at your place to fix any issue related to your computer.

Suspicious hard drive activity.

Another sign of malware infection is your computer hard drive activity. If you notice that your hard drive continues to show excessive activity even if you don’t use it then it might be the sign that there is malware on the system. However, you must also check your hard drive as it might also be the cause of hard drive failure. Check what programs are using hard drive resources and try to find out what program is suspicious.

Running out of hard drive space.

You must also check whether your hard drive storage space has been increased lately or if in case some of your files are replaced or changed the name then it might be the clear sign that there is malware activity going on in your PC.  Most of the malware types fill hard drive space causing it to crash.

Unusually high network activity.

When you have Malware on your computer it may result in higher network activity. This high network activity can be clearly seen even when your web browser is not exactly connected to the internet or you must check for the following information.
  • is windows update running at moment?
  • Any program downloading from the internet?
  • Any updates for applications?
If the answer to all these questions is yes then the excessive network activity can be due to it, if not then it might be Malware that is consuming internet bandwidth.

Change in Internet Browser home page, Toolbars, and other utilities.

One of the most common activities that Malware does is that they change your web browser homepage, add new tools bars into it while your web browser keeps accessing websites that you don’t intend to visit. In other words, your web browser is highjacked and you are no more in position to use it easily. In many cases, you may even end up losing access to the web browser.  If noticed, you must immediately run a complete virus scan and try to download and run other Antimalware programs.
If you have any of these signs on your PC and don’t know how to deal with it, you can get help from computer support service in Dubai to get it fixed.

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