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How to Setup a new Wireless Router?

Since it is an era of wireless devices, one of the most common equipment that is available in almost every home is a wireless router. Setting it up should not be a big problem for the person who has little or some understanding of how it works. Although it is easy to install the product you may still need help from home it supports service in Dubai. However, if you want to do it yourself, following tips will make it pretty easy. You must note that many of wireless routers come with mobile apps that can be used to setup router for the first time and troubleshooting later. Few companies no longer offer a browser-based interface to set up router, however, companies offering both options makes it lot easier for customer to easily go through the process. I am here providing you the tips based on browser applications.

Step 1: Choose Suitable Place for your Wireless Router.

First step in setting up a wireless router is finding the suitable place for your router. It is important because placing it at a wrong place may potentially decrease the signal strength resulting in disconnection and slow internet. It is better to find out some central location that is an open area, for example, T.V Lounge might be an excellent place, just make sure it is not in closest of other electronic devices that may interfere with its signal. In case no central location is available you can put it at another place, even without changing the location of gateway that can be extended through inexpensive CAT5e or CAT6 cables. Also, ensure you don’t end up putting your router at the dead spot for wireless signals.

Step 2: Configure your wireless router gateway.

Once you have placed the wireless router at a suitable place, now we move on to the next phase that is to configure the wireless router gateway. This process may differ depending on the manufacturer of your wireless router device. Few modems come with built-in routers while others not. In case you already have older router working, then new is also integrated router then you will need to configure the gateway that will disable the router and pass the WAN IP address. You should check with your Internet Service provider if you can get it working as a secondary router. In case, you are installing completely new setup then just follow the instruction and connect the phone line as shown on the box.

Step 3: Change Wireless Router Password.

In order to configure your router, it is important that you first login with username and password. All routers come with username and password that are printed on the box, router itself or on user manual. You will need to access the router page that will be accessible through its IP address. Just write IP address that will look like or something similar into the browser. It will open a user interface showing login screen. Here you will need to enter the username and password.  In most cases you will be able to get access to same screen by putting CD into your computer. This CD is provided by your ISP with new internet connection and router.

Step 4: Connect your new router to ISP.

Most of ISP provides CDs that will run setup to guide you through configuring and connecting your device with internet, ISP and then your computer. If you have this CD you must put it in laptop run it and follow the instruction. It will most likely to ask you to connect your computer with wireless router USB or network cable. Here you will be asked to choose different options like is it for home or office setup etc?. the whole system is usually easy to handle. Just remember to follow instruction and only connect the cables when it asks. In most cases, you will see the broadband, internet lights turning on. At Whitehats support we often come across instances where people contact us for help when they don’t get any broadband signal that you may be an indication of configuration problem or problem from ISP. If it is the case for you the help from home IT support service inevitable. You may get in touch with us for help to resolve this issue.

Step 5: Update the router’s firmware.

It is no uncommon that router manufacturers release new firmware after they have shipped the device to market.  It is important that you update the firmware as it may contain critical bug fixes and as well security patches. Most of them will automatically update its firmware but few of them will not update get this update. Whatever the case it is better that you click a button on routers configuration app to let it check for updates. Alternatively, you may get help from user manuals.

Step 6: Establish a password for your Wi-Fi network.

At the last stage, you will need to set Wi-Fi network password to establish a connection between router and computer. However, in some cases, routers come from the factory with default Wi-Fi password. Remember always use strong password for enhanced protection. At this stage, you can also give new name to your Wi-Fi network. You must always choose WPA2 authentication method when promoted for it.  

That`s it, Your new internet setup is complete and you can start using the internet. In case you get some problem in setting up internet connection/wireless router, we suggest you to contact professional computer support service in Dubai.   At Whitehats Support, we deal with all types of installation and deployments for home users. You may contact us at +971 43382500 for help regarding all the issues related to wireless internet setup and other computer related problems.

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