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Remote IT Support Vs Onsite Support for Home Users

Since the internet has become the need of every home, the number devices connected to the internet has grown in number. Home users are now pretty much dependent on the home internet for various reasons for example TVs are now connected to the internet, smart phone devices are extensively being used for messaging and phone calls, etc. As ordinary homes are turning into smart homes the number of smartphone devices connected via home internet will increase further.     Home users are usually not very technical and don’t know much how to troubleshoot with computer system, smart phone devices or internet connectivity problems. Therefore, need of reliable IT support partner is essential. When it comes to IT support homes users often have two options to choose from Remote it support, and Onsite IT support. It is important that you choose the right option that can meet your home it support needs. Here is a comparison of Onsite and remote it support, that will help you to decide which option is appropriate for you. Remote/Offsite Computer Support. Offsite computer support has been a popular way of providing IT support for quite some time now. Growing number of home users feel more comfortable with it. There are following advantages of offsite computer support.

  • Cost efficiency. As remote support service can be provided without travel, it significantly reduces overall costs of service. However, it depends on IT support company whether they transfer this cost reduction to their customer or not.
  • Less Wait/ Quick Service. Remote computer support can be provided more Therefore, you will have to wait pretty less resolve your IT related problems.
  • Get Support from anywhere in the world. Remote technical support can be provided from anywhere to clients around the globe at any time. For example, when you call IT Support Company to resolve your IT related problems, they can get connected to your PC from anywhere and can check your PC and make changes to it remotely. In many cases, it is an effective way to resolve the IT problems.
Remote Computer Support also has some disadvantages discussed as follows.
  • Security Issues.
When you request for remote IT support, you allow remote support technicians to access your computer through screen sharing. Sharing your login credential and allow access to an unknown person put your data security at risk.
  • Not all computer problems can be resolved
Although remote computer support is pretty effective, but it cannot resolve your all computer related problems. This is because in some cases IT support technician may need physical access to troubleshoot or replace malfunctioning hardware component.  On-Site Computer Support. Unlike remote support onsite support offers it support technicians physical access to your computer. With onsite computer support, you get following benefits.
  • Face-to-Face contact
One of the biggest advantages of onsite computer support service is most of the users are rather feel more secure and comfortable while getting help face to face. This is a way of establishing long term relationship with your IT support service provider that will be based on trust, confidence and mutual understanding.
  • Resolve all your IT related Issues.
As discussed earlier not every computer issue can be resolved remotely. With onsite support, you can be assured that your PC problems are fully resolved including hardware components troubleshooting and replacement.
  • Easier Diagnosis of your Computer Problems.
Physical access can help IT support technician to diagnose your computer problems quickly. In many ways it support technicians can even detect underlying hardware problems through a change in sound. In addition to that onsite diagnoses can also help support technician to identify possible future problems.     Conclusion.  Remote and onsite computer support both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Remote support may be a good option for any software related problems. However, it all depends on your choice and requirements.  We recommend having an ongoing relationship with a trusted local computer support service provider like Whitehats Support. With over a decade experience in IT support, Whitehats can offer you both remote and onsite computer support services. mavi su cialis

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