How to Protect Whatsapp Account From Hacking in Dubai UAE
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How to Protect Your WhatsApp Account from Hacking?

You will hardly find any smart phone user, who does not use Whatsapp for chatting or voice call. The popularity of this software has grown significantly during last few years and that’s why it is the prime target of hackers. It is also widely used platform in UAE and scammers usually take advantage of less informed users by hacking their private data, chats, photos through whats app. We see Police and security experts in UAE warning residents about scammers and suggesting to take preventive measures to avoid them.Unfortunately, with growing knowledge of users, scammers are adopting more sophisticated and hard to detect methods to hack Whatsapp data.
The recent warning came from TRA (Telecommunications regularity Authority) UAE which suggested user take number of measures to protect their Whatsapp accounts from recent wave of hacking attempts. it is important that you learn how to Protect Whatsapp Account From Hacking in Dubai UAE.
For our readers in Dubai and around the UAE, We are elaborating it little further so you can take all the possible security measures. 

Enable Two Step Verification.

 While using passwords on your phone and SIM is crucial, Whatsapp has its own security measures that improve security of data. For this purpose you should activate two step verification that can be enabled by following these steps.
Step-1Open Whats App application in your mobile.
Step-2Go to settings from upper right menu icon.
Step-3With in Setting, select “Account”
Step-4In Account section, select Two Step Verification.
Step-5Within this windows you will see Enable button, Tap on Enable button.
Step-6you will be asked to enter 6 digits PIN.
Step-7Tap next and enter the PIN again.
Step-8Add your email address
Step-9Tab next and Enter same email address again.
Step-10That`s it Two factor, Authentication is enabled.

Even with this two factor verification, you are not fully secure. Hackers may trick you into clicking on link send to you through Whatsapp message that when clicked may result in theft of your Whatsapp data and information. This message is usually a phishing message that seems to be sent for Whatsapp verification purposes. However, it is not from Whatsapp but from hackers. Therefore be careful any link in messages even if it looks to be from reliable sources like Whatsapp In some cases it may even install Trojan on to your mobile device that can record everything from your smart phone while remain anonymous.

What to do if your WhatsApp has Hacked?

Your WhatsApp may have been hacked but you may not know it. Therefore, even if you have ever clicked on suspicious link sent to you through message, it will be better for you to take following measures.

1.Remove the App.

TRA recommends that users should remove and reinstall whatsapp multiple times, also you must alert your contacts that your account is compromised request them not respond to any message from your number unless you are fully recovered from it.

2.Contact WhatsApp tech support.             

If you notice , your WhatsApp has been hacked, then you must immediately WhatsApp support by sending an email to them. The technical support email of WhatsApp is ( In that email , you must not forget to mention Lost/Stolen account in title and request deactivation by providing your mobile number.

3. Reinstall WhatApp every day.

One way to ensure your whatsapp account is fully protected; you should remove and reinstall WhatsApp everyday. However, it might be difficult and time consuming for you.

How to reinstall WhatsApp?

Step-1. Go to mobile home screen and touch + hold WhatsApp icon until you notice the icons starts to wiggle.
Step-2 . You will see X in the coroner of WhatsApp icone, you must tab it.
Step-3. Tab the delete option to remove the application and all of its data and it will be removed.
Step-4. Go to home button.
Step-5. Re-download WhatsApp from the app store and install it.

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