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How to Permanently Delete Files From Computer?

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One of biggest problem when allowing someone else to use your PC or Laptop or using some one`s else is that your saved files even after you have deleted them. Many PC users don’t know that deleted content could be recovered and this problem occurs when switching the PC or PC technology to someone else.  Most people sell or handover their computers without ensuring that there important data can be recovered by someone else and can be used for malicious purposes. It can be personal commercial documents, financial data or photos that in the hands of wrong person can be used to blackmail others.

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The computer users who want to know the ways to make sure that deleted content/files cannot be recovered. Here are few measures that can be taken to protect data; regardless of either the user have a PC, a USB drive or external hard drive. Now the question is that how this all you can do?

What Data is not Recoverable?

Rewrite data:The process includes at least one data cycle or data change, in which data is written in the memory. If once you rewrite your data on the drive, it is not possible to recover the deleted data.
Erased data:Once the erasing operation is done, the content/files will not be recovered by any type of recovery software. If you wipe the data from the hard disk 10 times, it becomes impossible to recover it by any recovery software.

Easy steps to delete Data or files permanently:

The first step is erasing the data and then format the disk partition, then it will become impossible to recover the data again.

Step 1. (Erase the Data that you want to delete):

The easiest and effective way is to use software to wipe or delete the files forever, like EaseUS Partition Master. It provides the feature to remove all the data permanently in windows 7/8/10. It completely wipes out all data and disk partitions on your hard drive by overwriting or changing the existing data with a new one.
  1. First of all, download the EaseUS Partition Master and install it on your PC, launch it. Select the drive or partition from which you want to delete files/Data.
  2. Select the Drive and choose the option of “Wipe data” on the main menu or right-click the hard drive and choose the option ”Wipe data”
  3. Now, Set the number of cycles, it indicates that the number of times you want to erase the disk. It is recommended that set to 10.
  4. Then click “OK”. If the drive comprises the system partition, the system failure occurs after wiping the drive.

Step 2. (To Prevent Files form recovery Format the Partition)

In case, you prefer to wipe all the content or files on the PC instead of a few files, format the hard drive.
  1. Right-click on the partition.
  2. Choose the file format.
  3. Click Start.
In addition to above method, you can also use CCleaner to permanently delete files in windows. It is free to use and can perform number of other maintenance costs. However you must always ensure to download it directly from its website as there was an incident of malware infections through this utility. It is now safe to use and vendor has fixed the vulnerability. After you have downloaded it , here is how to use it
  1. Open CCleaner, from the tab on the left select tools.
  2. Here select Drive Wiper option.
  3. It will show different options to select , the drive you want to wipe,
  4. Repeat the step once to ensure, the files are deleted.

 How to securely delete files in Mac?

In order to securely delete files especially in Mac OS X versions or later, you will need to use FileVault 2. It will entirely encrypt the disk that will definitely fully secure your deleted data.
    1. You must select system preferences and then security and privacy.
    2. From here click FileVault and then lock button.
    3. Enter your username and password, turn on FileVault.
    4. It is now safe to sell or hand over your computer to any one else.
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