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PC OR Mac Which one should you Buy?

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There are not a lot of things that are different in Macs from PCs. Afterall, both are different brands do the same thing. They might have similarities in their hardware but packaging, approach, and working is different. While many people believe PCs are more user-friendly then Mac and that`s why is more popular. The Mac caters the specific tech-savvy customers.  Let`s compare both in terms of their features advantages and disadvantages to help you decide which one can be a better choice for you.


One of the biggest aspects that favor PCs is the fact you can customize hardware for your computer without any problem. Even you can build your own PC from scratch very easily. You will have two options either to go with branded or non-branded computers depending on your needs and requirements. Manufacturers also design their PC with different specifications to cater the needs of specific customers’ niche. Mac, on the other hand, has some impressive features in Hardware. It offers better processing power that you will not get in PC system.  The only drawback is you cannot do much to customize or build entirely new Mac yourself. You will have to select from the list of variants available in your local store. In addition to that, there is pretty much less flexibility in terms of up gradation as you only have limited choice to do that with Mac as compared to PCs.

Operating System.

Most of the computers in the world run on Windows Operating System. It has easy to use, comparatively easier to setup, install and configure the operating system.  Most of the PCs comes preloaded with any variant of Windows Operating system.  All of the operating systems are pretty much similar meant to make it easier to choose for ordinary home users to professionals. Another feature is that you can load two different windows operating systems and even you can install Microsoft Windows and MACs on the same machine but will require help of the experts. If you want to install new operating system in your PC or Mac machine then you can also contact us to get it done asap. In your Mac machine, you can also install Windows and IMAC all at once as it supports dual boot option as well. However, as discussed earlier it is better to consider getting help from IT service provider for it. As it will save you lot of hassel.

 Compatibility Issues.

One of the main reason why windows based systems are more popular is that they are backward compatible as well. For example, if your PC comes with Windows 10 preloaded on it, you can even install an earlier version of Windows 7 over it without any problems. In addition to that, almost all software that are available in the market is fully compatible with Windows operating system. Unlike Windows Operating system, Mac machines are not backward compatible that means you can not run an older version of IMac on it.   For example, OS X Lion will not work on Mac Mini nor ever software is compatible with Mac Operating system. Therefore always check for availability of Mac versions of applications and software that you need before buying Mac computer.

Looks and User Interface.

Today`s PCs are no more cumbersome and ugly shaped as they were in the past.  These are transformed into visually appealing and powerful systems that can fulfill the needs of every customer according to latest technology trends. It is exactly what today`s customer wants, look and speed at the same place. Every day,  New more beautiful looking branded PCs are coming into the market. In addition to that operating systems are also more colorful and visually appealing as well that gives users elegant look. Mac was a totally new breed of computers at a start it was seen as a big ugly piece of hardware. However, Mac changed it quickly and started making new great looking systems that even surpass windows. The operating system has also become easier to learn over time however for windows user it takes some patience to learn the Macs user interface.


For PCs, security is a far bigger issue and concern that create a lot of troubles for users. It is believed that its lot easier to compromise Windows-based PC then Mac operating system. This is one of the biggest advantages of Mac computer system that it has fewer security loopholes and there are very few known viruses and Trojans that can corrupt operating system. That also means while using Mac based operating system you will not face issues related to security nor operating system will require new installation for an extended period of time.


With growing competition in PC manufacturing and new companies coming into the market, the costs have drastically decreased over time. Today you can buy a PC with the good configuration at less price than a TV.  Another important thing to notice is that PCs and its operating system are easily available that`s reason why people prefer it. In addition to that if you get any problem you can easily locate any person who can resolve any problem related to windows based computers. However with reference to price Mac computer are more expensive than PC.  It makes you feel that you are among people who like to be different from others and belong to elegant computer users.


At the end of the day, it all comes down to your specific requirements. if you are professional, who need to run heavy applications and want to work on animations and graphics related stuff then Mac can be the ultimate choice for you. if you are not a techie and are an ordinary user who wants to use internet, play games and watch movies online then PC is the relatively better choice for you.

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