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Most Useful Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

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Keyboard shortcuts refer to the keys or combination of keys on keyboard that can be used to perform different tasks and functions in your computer. As most of the time, your hands remain on keyboard, however, using these shortcuts can make things easier for you. Once you learn these shortcuts, you can use them in a variety of ways in different application for example copy/paste command will work everywhere as it works in your word document.

Every time, you use “computer mouse” to open and click something on your computer, you are wasting few seconds. You may not be aware that PC can be used even without a mouse. You can save time by using these keyboard shortcuts. Many people know nothing about these keyboard shortcuts, Even most of the tech savvy guys only use the keyboard for typing only and use CTRL+X to cut and CTRL+V to paste.

  • CTRL + F: “Search for Text”

You are reading something on the computer and want to know if article mention some specific word in it or you are editing a document in Word and want to find out how many time a particular word appears.  Then you can just hit CTRL +F in any program including brewers, spreadsheets, word processors, etc. to get that word highlighted.

  • CTRL + Click OR Shift + Click to Select Multiple Items

Either you need to select rows in Excel spreadsheet, a paragraph of text in a word document, or multiple files/folders in your windows folder where you may also need to highlight different files you can do so by simply using CTRL + Click or Shift +Click tabs on your keyboard.

  • CTRL +A: Select All

In case you want to select all the content from your word document, spreadsheet or web browser you don’t need to use your mouse. Just hit CTRL +A and you select everything you want with this combination of tabs, then you can copy, paste it or even format your content as per your requirements.

  • Alt + F4: Close Any Windows App

Everyone open and close browser and applications windows many times every day. It is mostly done by rolling the mouse pointer to the upper-right corner of the Windows and by clicking the x button. However, Windows has pretty easy and quick shortcut for this purpose that is Alt + F4 that will close programs even if you need to close multiple programs it will work. However in Windows 7 and later version you can also use CTRK+W to close desktop applications.

  • WIN: Windows Key

WIN key is a direct shortcut when you press this tab; it opens your windows startup menu where you can view and use a number of different options like most recent documents, various programs, and applications, etc.

  • Windows Key + M: Minimize All Windows

Most of the users place many of their files on their desktop in order to remember files they are working on however while you may have multiple windows open it may become difficult for you to access your desktop. You can simply press Windows Key + M to minimize your window so you can view everything on your desktop.

  • Windows Key +F1: Search Help

Sometimes you may need to get help from Windows. Microsoft has provided comprehensive help portal integrated with every operating system. Therefore you can simply use a combination of windows and F1 keys to explore different help topics.

  • Windows Key + E

Whenever you need to find out some file or want to browse on your computer, you can simply use Windows key in a combination of E to get your windows browser open. It is quicker than using a mouse.

  • F2: Rename Files

You may need to change the name of your files due to so many reasons. Whatever the reasons to rename a file you do it in pretty faster way by using keyboard shortcut F2 that will allow you to rename your file. You can even use this shortcut to rename multiple files. Just select all the file you want to rename and then press F2 tab.

Most of functions that you perform using your keyboard can be done even quickly with the help of your keyboard shortcuts. You just need to learn it once and then you can start using it, and it will save you time and energy by helping to keep full focus on the document you are working on. Most of the common functions that can be performed by keyboard shortcuts are searching text, selecting multiple items. Finding in text, closing, opening, minimizing windows, etc. mavi su cialis

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