20+ Most Useful Apple IPhone Secret Codes. -
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20+ Most Useful Apple IPhone Secret Codes.

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Apple IPhone is one of leading mobile phone that is considered to be the technologically most advanced and popular device ever. However, most of the users don’t know much about how to perform different functions on their phone by using hidden codes. These codes allow you to unlock new features and information in IPhone. Having the repute of one of the best smartphone device in the market many people would like to have more information on how to play around with this device. So, here is the list just open the dialer of your IPhone and start typing these codes to explore hidden secrets in your iPhone. These codes work on almost all iPhones devices.

Disclaimer.  Some of these codes bring a lot of changes in your phone and change settings completely. We claim no responsibility for any problem you may get due to improper use of these codes. Therefore, only use these codes if you know what you are doing.

• Code *#06#. This code displays iPhone IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identification) number. IMEI is unique identifier that is assigned to almost every mobile phone around the globe.

• Code *3001#12345#*. Use this code if you want to open field mode that will display all iPhone personal setting, device information and information related to network it is connected.

• Code *#21#. This Code is for Call forwarding All Check Status for your phone.

• Code *#67#. By using code you forward the call while your IPhone is busy. So when your phone is busy your call will be forwarded to another number.

• Code *#62#. This code will make your IPhone unreachable.

• Code ##002# + ‘Call’. This code will disable all call forwarding on your phone.

• Code *646# (Postpaid only). If you want to know how many minutes are available with your current service then you may use the code above.

• Code *225# (Postpaid only). If you have a postpaid connection and want to know the balance of your phone then should the code mentioned above.

• Code *777#. To check the Account balance “use this code” it`s valid for prepaid iPhone only.

• Code *#33# You can check call control bars by using this code. Also for seeing whether barring is enabled or disabled for outgoing you can check all the usual suspects like fax, SMS, voice, information, etc.

• Code *#76#. For checking connected line presentation is enabled or not you can use this code. You can also check whether the connected line presentation is enabled or disabled.

• Code *#21#. You can set inquiry for call forwards. Find the settings for your call forwarding. You will see whether you have the fax, SMS, voice, knowledge, and sync, async, paid access & packet access call forwarding enabled or disabled.

• Code *3282#. It will let you know about the amount of data usage on your Iphone. By keep checking occasionally your data usage you can avoid exceeding the limit set by the operator.

• Code *#61#. By using this code you can check the numbers of missed calls. It also shows the number on which your call is forwarded if not answered

• Code *#62#. You can verify the number for forwarding calls If there is no service is available.

• Code *3370#. Enhanced Full Rate improves your iPhone voice quality, but it will slightly reduce battery life.

• Code *#5005*7672#. To check SMS center use above code.

• Code*331*. Barring code # Outgoing calls abroad to block the lock code to inquire about her please contact your network operator.

• Code *#43#. To check Call Waiting Status in your IPhone use the code above.

• Code *43#. Use this code on your IPhone to activate call waiting.

• Code #43#. Use the above code to deactivate call waiting on your IPhone.

• Code *#31#. Use this code to hide your mobile number on IPhone.

• Code #31#Phone-number + call. Use this code for outgoing call anonymity of your current call.

• Code##002# -> Tap call. The use of above code will disable all call forwarding.

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