How to Wipe your Phone or Tablet before you sell it? -
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How to Wipe your Phone or Tablet before you sell it?

One of the biggest risk that you may face while trading in or selling your old mobile phone device is that personal data falling into the wrong hands. You must remember, no method other than physically destroying the device is foolproof because by using right tools data can be recovered in most cases. Here are few best practices for three most popular operating systems that you must be following in order to wipe your device before handing it over to someone you don’t know.
Always Remember,
  • For all devices back up all of your data and contacts if it’s mobile device. If you don’t know how to get back up on your device you can get help from IT support services.
  • Always remove SIM card and external storage such as a micro SD card if any.
  • Log out from any apps or social media accounts that you are using, delete browser history.
  • In case you don’t want to use microSD card in the new device, then you must perform separate encryption and wipe of the data on it as well.
  • You must always keep a mobile phone, or tablet serial number saved for your records.

Android Phone & Devices.

If you have android based mobile phone that runs on 5.0 Lollipop or later then it most probably has Factory reset protection (FRP) or Android device protection active on it. That means the new owner will not be able to use it after the reset because they will need to sign it in with previously used Google account and password. Therefore, you must deactivate FRP if you plan to sell your device to another owner. In case you have a device running an earlier version of Android that comes without FRP then you must straight skip to number 4.
Step I.  First thing to do is turn off any screen locks on a mobile device, to do it you must Go to settings> open security and lock screen security change the option to none.
Step II. You must also remove your Google account from your device. To do it, you must Go to Settings> Users and Accounts, tap your account name and then remove.
Step III.  In case you have Samsung device, then you will need to remove your Samsung account from your device as well.
Step IV. After following all above steps, you can now wipe your device with a factory reset. However it in most cases will only delete data at the application level. It means by using standard data recovery tools your data can be restored. However, with encryption, multiple factory reset and putting some dummy data you can make your data inaccessible. You may find the method at this link.

IOS Phone & Devices.

Apple device with IOS 5 or later comes with hardware encryption when you set a passcode. While following given the method, your data will be wiped and encryption key will also be overwritten that means it will become very difficult for anyone to recover data from your device.  You must have personal data backup solutions in order to keep your data protected. Always upload your data in your personal storage so you can recover it at later time. If you want to personal backup storage then you may contact IT support service.
Step I.  First, you must ensure to unpaired devices like the Apple Watch etc. Then you must turn off the Find my iPhone. For IOS 10.2 or earlier you must, you must go to setting> Click on iCloud> click on Find my iPhone.
Step II. the Second step is you must sign out of the all other iPhone services that should also include iMessage and App Store etc. To do it you must Go to Settings> then Messages>toggle the iMessage option. For you Apple ID you must go to Settings >iTunes & App Store > tap your Apple ID email address and then tap sign out.  In addition to that, you can also sign out individually from each of the linked social media services as well.
Step III. The next step should be to sign out of cloud completely. To do it you must go to settings > then Icloud and locate sign out option at the bottom of the page. For IOS 10 and later, you can access it by going to Settings > click your name > your name > Sign Out. For IOS 7 devices, Click on delete account. Please note that, In case you delete all of your data manually without signing out of your iCloud, it will delete the iCloud content as well that you may not wish to do.
Step IV. You can now start wipe process. You must Go to Settings > click on General> Reset> Erase all of your Content and Setting. Confirm the selection when asked.
Step V. Finally, you must also remove the serial number of the device from Apple account profile by going to  

Windows Phone & Devices.

If you are not a business customer for Windows phone then you may not have encryption service turned on your device. Therefore, the easiest way to wipe a Windows Phone 7, 8 or 8.1 or any other mobile device with Windows 10 is to have it factory reset and then load it with dummy data that will overwrite the traces of your original data on it.
Step-I.  First, you must open settings > go to about > click at Reset you Phone
Step-II. Confirm the reset action and let the phone wipe out data.
Step-III.  Now you must load, dummy data on it, to do it you must connect your mobile to the computer through USB cable. In case you want to connect it via Mac, you will have to download Windows Phone app.  The phone will be shown up as a removal device.
Step-IV. Open the mobile device on my computer and load dummy data on it by dragging and dropping it from another folder. Remember; don’t use your personal data, photos, or movies here.
Step V. Now repeat the step 1, reset your phone again. You should repeat same process 2, 3 times to make sure all of your data on it is overwritten. Finally, you must log into your Microsoft account at and remove your device from this account. In addition to that always revoke all the social media services or any email account that are signed in your account as well. In order to remove your device form Google account, you must go to, Click Sign in & Security > Device activity and notification and remove your device.

If you are not planning to sell your mobile phone device, then experts suggest to physically destroy the device may be the best option before you give it for recycling. Drilling through mobile at several locations or just hammering it by making it into few pieces will make your data inaccessible.if you need help regarding recovery and storage of your mobile phone data before you wipe your phone you can contact IT support service in Dubai. for it. mavi su cialis

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