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How To Keep Your Kids Safe On Internet?

Children today start using computer technology and internet connected devices at very young age. Unfortunately this has exposed them to new risks and problems where anyone with malicious intentions can exploit them. Recent incidents like information theft at VTech Toy manufacturer and data leakages of uKnowkids has made parents even more concerned about the safety of their children online. While there may be more similar incidents in future or it is responsibility of parents to make sure that they are doing everything possible to educate their children’s to stay safe online. Parents can help their children by following these tips.  
  • Use a Virtual Private Network.

What we can learn from uknowkids data breach that children locations, age, name and IP address were all exposed to the hackers. Why not keep yourself hidden on the internet. I mean use a software that can change your location. Virtual Private Network (VPN) can prevent your location from being tracked. This is software utility that first connects your PC to another server at different location using encryption and keeps your data safe while using this connection. By using VPN your IP address will be masked means children`s location cannot tracked and secondly these are secure encrypted connection without any risk of interception.
  • Follow Basic Security Practices.

The safe online experience pretty much depends on the way you use computer and internet. For this purpose you should have a computer that is in top shape with all the prerequisites like strong passwords, antivirus and malware installed on your PC. Always make sure that your computer is clear form common viruses. You must also keep your operating system fully patched and updated at all the times. Never download untrusted materials for open email from strangers especially that has attachments. Learn to recognize phishing email and also teach the same to your children.   At Whitehats support, we can guide you with all the security related best practices. You can request IT support visit where our IT support engineers will visit you, can perform health checkup for PC , update your PC with latest patches and install Antivirus software if required.  
  • Know their skills level.

If you understand the technology better and have good skills in using computer and internet then you may also educate safe behavior to your children. You must try to understand how good they are at computers and technology. For the children who are young and not yet started using computer, you may start training them to use safely. For older children, always discuss how they should be using computers.  
  • Know who they’re talking to?

If your children are old enough that they can use smartphones and computer. They probably at some stage will start talking to their class mates and friends online. This may exposed them to strangers as well. It is fine that they talk to the people they already know but always keep an eye whether any stranger pretending to be their friend is trying gain their confidence. It is always good idea to have a conversation with kids and make them understand that never trust any person they don’t know. Also lookout for cyber bullying or people impersonating as friends and family. This happens often more then you may expect. Parents don’t really understand the risk children are exposed to due to social networks like facebook and youtube. As a result, they never object and check how they are using these social media networks. We advise you, either not to let them use these social media networks or keep strict eye over their activities. There are social media networks that are specifically designed for children use and allow them to communicate in a safe environment. you may ask them to use these social networks first.
  • Teach Kids Safe Online Behavior.

No matter how old your children are, if they use computers they must be taught safe online behavior. You must tell them what online safety is. Why it is important and how different programs work to keep them secure online. Tell them what kind of sensitive information should not be provided to anyone. Also explain they should never hide if someone approach them online. Take them into confidence that they should share any such thing with you always.
  • Use Parental Blocks.

Keeping in view the type of risks children are exposed with, parental block is not a bad option. You can keep children away from illicit content or accidently stumbling into something in appropriate. You can search internet to find many different free and paid programs that you can install to keep an eye on your children activities online. It also important that never give them administrator access to your computer. At Whitehats support, we offer home it supports service in Dubai where we offer this service through flexible packages that perfectly suit your needs. Our software and upgrade service is designed to solve your day to day computer problems. You can opt for onsite IT support visit in Dubai and we will fix all the problems related to computer, internet and mobile devices. mavi su cialis

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