IT Relocation, 8 Tips for Smooth Transition. -
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IT Relocation, 8 Tips for Smooth Transition.

Moving or setting up a new office is often a hectic and stressful process that may need to do a lot of work. Moving your IT infrastructure to a new place often one of the most important issues as your normal operations will remain disrupted during this relocation of IT infrastructure.  Relocating IT infrastructure is not as simple as looks it involves a lot of things that may create a problem for you. Even if you have home-based or small business setup it will still require you to have professional help to move it from one place to another. Even in the case, like many others you are thinking to start your business from your home, it is important that you contact reliable IT support service that can help you in this matter. We at Whitehats, Dubai, UAE help number of businesses and homes to relocate their IT and electronics equipment every year, When you want to relocate to a new location you must have following things in mind.   In case you are looking for IT infrastructure support service for moving your office, your first step should be to think about your business requirements; you should develop a list by asking yourself few important questions.
  • What is the equipment that you want to move? It’s always the good idea to start by preparing the list. With this list you will also help IT support service to understand your needs in better way.
  • Where you want to relocate? It is also an important consideration, so your IT equipment can be packed accordingly.
  • What is your budget? You should understand this relocation and new office setup will cost you as well. Therefore better be prepared for it forehand.
  • Do you want any IT equipment that needs to upgrade. As you will be relocating to a new place , you can let your IT infrastructure support service know if you want to upgrade any of your hardware.
  Answering these basic questions will allow you to have set of requirements that will help you to plan your relocation. You can evaluate different options that fit into your requirements. With a comprehensive plan in hand, you will be able to have successful IT setup without a problem. In addition to that, you should follow these best practices.  
  • If you are a small business then you must appoint one person as a point of contact during the relocation process.
  • Do you have internet and phone line set up at the new place? if not how long it will take for you to get the connection?
  • Evaluate if you need to relocate or install CCTV camera at your new home or office. If you need we can provide complete CCTV surveillance solutions for you.
  • You must hire professional IT support service that specializes in the relocation of IT and other electronics equipment.
  • You must research profile of the company, their history, skills, experience and user rating all matters.
  • If some of your IT equipment or electronic devices needs up gradation, and you want to make use of an opportunity to replace it then this might be the right time for you. While you are relocating think about problems that you might be facing due to older technology and equipment. Also, you can service all of your hardware and remove any dust from it.
  • Your IT infrastructure and electronic devices are highly costly therefore, you should consider its security and insurance that will protect any damages or theft during relocation.
  • You must avoid dirt cheap options that offer relocation services at the cheap price, as they will try to cut cost from every means that may not be favorable for you.
  If you are looking for new office setup, want to relocate your home and office in Dubai, then you must contact us at +971 4 338 2500. Whitehats, Dubai, UAE provides reliable home office setup service. mavi su cialis

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