iPhone XS vs iPhone XR vs iPhone XS Max | Shoud you Upgrade?
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All You Need To Know About the New IPhones XS ,XS Max & XR

iPhone XS vs iPhone XR Vs iPhone XS Max: Should you Upgrade

You can read our “Apple Keynote 2018 Event Roundup” for an overview of the everything, but here we are taking a closer look at new iPhones and difference and similarities between them. Our whole intention is to make it easy for you to understand the difference between features offered in these phones so can decide which one to buy easily. You may be interested in our earlier blog post Apple Keynote 2018 Event Roundup: iPhone XS, XS Max, XR ,Watch 4 ,Features, Release Dates & Prices. How hard or heroic it may be to turn into a teacher. Being a true instructor infuses me with an selection of feelings. My instructor advised us to compose a brief paper about a triangle and include an image of it too. In my initial five decades of teaching 6th grade, there was not any instructor ready to tackle the courses needed to teach the gifted course. Faculties have a tendency to reward pupils for receiving the perfect response immediately. 1 area colleges have continued to supply a theme and subject to Guilford pupils in a range of ways and in several grades amounts. In some instances, pupils may visualize where they have to be and exactly what they have to do to get there. You as a student will feel great as soon as you go past the normal norm. With OneNote, nevertheless, he's got the same opportunity and access as the rest of the course and is empowered to complete the assignment in a timely manner. For instance, you may help students learn to have a look at a complicated task and generate a to-do list or a checklist. in which a number of my students decide to make content. They tend to fall emotionally when they find it hard to understand what they're studying. Our pupils will probably change jobs every five to seven decades. They may start studying only one week ahead of this exam. Nearly all the pupils have a inclination to study in libraries because of the simple fact that they find it quite calm and peaceful. The majority of the students do not stay educated about the plan because of unique facets. Nearly all the moment, my pupils would only like to be completed with something when they've fulfilled the compulsory span or have reached their threshold to the number of feedback they could hear.

Dual Rear Cameras with iPhone XS and IPhone XS Max.

It`s pretty normal to see that most flagship smartphones comes with two rear cameras these days. Mid-range phones usually have it but this is not the case with the new iPhone series where extra cameras reserved for more expensive models iPhone XS and XS max. These two models have two 12MP cameras. While the iPhone XR lacks second camera, it shares the same wide angle camera as other two expensive models have.

IPhone XS and Max with OLED and IPhone XR with LCD.

All the Apple models came with LCD screens before the last year`s iPhone X that was the first ever iPhone that had OLED display pretty much similar to Samsung`s smart phone. Both XS models come with this better quality OLED display however iPhone XR has LCD display. So what’s` difference between OLED, obviously these are richer and look more colorful with high contrast black look. However if we look on the history Apple the LCD is not bad either it still offer excellent display but for extra quality OLED is a choice. We believe XR should not suffer too much due to this reason as Apple`s it`s best LCD screen they have every offered.

Display, Size and Colors.

All the these new iPhones have same design that is inherited from last year`s iPhone X. The screens are pushed to edges with curve on the corners and front/back glass covers. With 5.8 inch screen, iPhone XS is smallest followed by the iPhone XR that has 6.1 inches and the XS Max with massive 6.5 inch screen size. The iPhone XR will be released in 5 colors while iPhone XS comes in traditional colors of grey, black and gold.  The iPhone XR has aluminum sides bands while XS model has stainless steel.

No More Fingerprint Scanner.

We have seen last year that iPhone X ditched finger scanning in favor of FaceID . None of these iPhones have any space for finger print scanner so it’s only FaceID now. While the iPhone X ditched finger scanning in favor of FaceID, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus kept the old design and features. Unsurprisingly, none of this year’s phones have space for a fingerprint scanner so it’s FaceID all the way.

Apple A12 Bionic Processor.

In terms of specification, all of three phones have latest A12 bionic processor. It has quad core graphics chip and six cores CPU. It addition to that it is loaded with Apple`s Neural Engine for powering machine learning capabilities. It`s what we know to date is the latest technology ever available in smartphone proves Apple`s expertise in developing next generation processors. This A12 bionic processor is the first ever 7nm mobile chip based smart phone that ensure better performance with less power consumption. As a result your smart phone will be 15% faster while using 40% less power. In addition to that the graphics chip used in the processor is 50% faster than iPhone X.


Although apple does not talk much about memory, the iPhone XR probably comes with 3GB RAM as compared iPhone XS and XS Max that have been upgraded to 4GB. We believe 3GB memory is not bad, but 4GB is intended to make user experience little smoother.

Battery Life.

Among all these three, the iPhone XS comes with 5.8 screen is the smallest new iPhone, while iPhone XR has 6.1 while iPhone XS Max is largest one with 6.5 inch screen. As bigger phones comes with larger batteries these last longer as well. Apple has not yet confirmed the battery life of these iPhones however they do claim iPhone XS will last 30 minutes longer than iPhone X. We believe iPhone XR seems have best battery life among them as Apple says it can playback wireless video for up 6 hrs as compared to iPhone X S Max for 15 hrs and iPhone XS for 14 hrs.

Apple`s first ever “Dual Sim” smart phone.

Without any doubts, the most noticeable things about these three iPhones are that, all of them support two SIMS. Although it has been common among smartphones, it is the first time ever Apple has introduced it in its smartphone range. So why it’s beneficial? Perhaps we believe it will be helpful for the businessmen who want to keep their personal number separate from business.

iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR Comparison

ModeliPhone XSiPhone XS MaxiPhone XR
Screen size5.8-inch screen6.5-inch screen6.1-inch screen
Processor TypeA12 chipA12 chipA12 chip
Screen Resolution2436x11252688x12421792x828
Storage Capacity64GB, 256GB and 512GB64GB, 256GB and 512GB64GB, 128GB and 256GB
ColorsSpace gray, silver, goldSpace gray, silver, goldBlack, white, red, yellow, coral, blue
PriceFrom AED 4229From AED 4649From AED 3179

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