Icloud for Windows | Setup and Installation
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How to Get iCloud for Windows?

Apple users can transfer their files, share photos and sync data between Apple devices through iCloud. However, if you are using both Apple and Windows devices then it may become a problem for you. Luckily, there is a solution for it as you can also get icloud for windows that enable you to share photos, sync calendars and access files between different platforms.

Let`s have a look how you can get I cloud for windows and start using it?

The first thing you will need to do is to make sure you have signed in your icloud account with Apple users ID. This must be through using your Apple device. In case you are using an iPhone or iPad then chances are have already created an Apple ID while setting it up for the first time use. However, if you are a new Apple iPhone or Apple iPad user then you should follow these steps to get an Apple ID.

How to Setup an Apple ID?

Step1. You will need iPhone or iPad device in order to set up Apple ID.
Step2.You must open settings app.
Step 3. Tap on icloud.
Step 4. Tab on to create new Apple ID.
Step 5. Enter a Birth date.
Step 6. Tap Next
Step 7. Enter your name (first and last)
Step 8. Tap Next.
Step 9. Select your current email address or register with a new icloud email address.
Step 10. Create a password and then verify password for your icloud account.
Step 11. Select a security question and then type answer for it.
Step 12. Agree on the terms and conditions.
Step 13. Tap Merge or Don’t Merge to Sync iCloud data from Safari, reminders contacts and calendars.
Step 14. Now Tap OK to confirm Find My iPhone is turned on.

How to get iCloud for Windows?

Now you have registered and signed in the Apple ID. You will need to follow these steps in order to get icloud for windows.
Steps 1. First, go to icloud for windows web page.
Step 2. On this page click on the download icon and download the file.
Step 3. After the file has downloaded on your computer you must navigate this folder.
Step 4. Locate and double-click iCloud Setup.
Step 5.  Select the I accept the terms on the license agreement option.
Step 6.  Now click on install and complete the installation process.
Step 7. Click Finish and after that restart your computer to let these changes take into effect.
Step 8. Now run the icloud for windows form your computer, login it using Apple ID credential and click sign in.

That`s it , now you got everything you need to start using icloud on windows PC or laptop.

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