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How To Repair Windows 10?

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Windows 10 is a latest operating system from Microsoft released in 2015. Since many people who are using personal computers have either upgraded or thinking to upgrade to this new version. One thing is for sure this version is loaded with many advanced features that users have never used before. If you are new to windows 10 then it will take you sometime before you fully understand how it works. Users who already have this upgrade may sometime face a common problem that windows10 won`t start or it crashes a lot after boot up. In either case, it is a pretty annoying problem.

At Whitehats support we commonly come across windows errors where windows 10 on your computer need to be repaired or reinstalled. If you are facing any such issue and need professional help then our onsite IT support visit package will be a great way to fix such issues quickly.

Sometimes it may be possible for you to fix few windows related issues yourself without the help of professional IT support service.
Here is how to get your windows 10 problems fixed by running windows 10 repairs utility.

Method 1.   Windows Startup Repair.

 You will need windows startup repair if operating system in your windows 10 would not even boot up and take you to the login screen or desktop. First, you must navigate advanced startup options menu. From here there are many ways to get around Windows 10 advanced startup options.  If you are using a laptop then maybe hitting F11 during power on, will take you to this menu.  In other cases, the same menu can be accessed through booting off with the install disk. Where you can click next and repair button to do the job.
  • Once boot up, you should select troubleshoot.
  • Here you should click on the advanced options tab.
  • It will open up in windows with many different options, choose and click on Startup repair.
  • The repair process will start, that may take few seconds to few minutes.
  • If you don’t have startup problem, it will show a message on the screen that it cannot fix the problem.

Method 2: Use Windows Restore.

The second method to repair windows operating system can through restore windows option.
  • Go to windows 10s advanced startup option as mentioned in the previous
  • Click on System Restore. ( it will reboot the computer)
  • On the screen select username.
  • At next screen, enter your password for windows.
  • It will open up in a menu where you will need to select the available system restore point.
  • Follow the instruction. If you cannot find any restore point in the menu, then you cannot use it.

Method 3:   Perform a Disk Scan.

It is possible that your windows 10 problem is due to a corrupt file. If you can boot into the operating system or even if possible to access computer hard drive from safe mode then you should perform a file scan to check problems.
  • Access windows search box and type cmd.
  • Run as Administrator and right click on Command Prompt.
  • Type sf/scannow in the command prompt and press enter button.
By following this method the windows repair will start running and will fix any issues automatically.

Method 4:    Reset Windows 10.

With windows reset you can take windows to earlier versions that give computer clean start, free from rogue software and drivers. With this option you don’t need to do full windows installation instead by using this built-in features, take it back to the way it was before you had any software, special devices or any data preloaded. On the other hand, if you want to give your computer someone else, it can be a good way to clean up files that you have loaded on it over time.
  • You should click on the settings option.
  • Here you will find update and security section, click on it
  • Here click Recovery button
  • Get it start to reset the Pc
  • Choose the relevant options and follow the instruction on the screen to reset windows in the earlier
Here we have discussed most common ways to get your PC back working again. However, if you think it does not fix your problem than in most cases, you will need to reinstall your Windows 10 operating system.

At Whitehats support, we offer home it supports service in Dubai where we offer this service through flexible packages that perfectly suit your needs. Our software and upgrade service is designed to solve your day to day computer problems. You can opt for onsite IT support visit in Dubai and we will fix all the problems related to Windows 10 operating system. mavi su cialis

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