How to Use Botim App in UAE | Activate Botim in Etisalat and Du
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How to Use Botim App?

Skype is one of the most popular software that allows users to make voice and video calls between laptop, computers, mobile phone and tablets. However, many countries like UAE don’t allow its population to use this software. According to a recent announcement from UAE based telecommunication companies Etisalat and Du, all unlicensed VoIP calls are blocked as it falls under the classification of prohibited content as per local UAE laws. All this means no one inside UAE will be able to use unlicensed VoIP service that is offered many different chat software and applications online.

What is Botim App?

In order to facilitate ordinary users, Etisalat has approved and licensed two online chat software that includes Botim and C`Me. Although both of these apps are not free as Skype, it does offer many similar features that anyone needs for voice and video chat with family and friends worldwide. Botim offers great calling experience that surpasses in many other apps in quality. In addition to that, it also allows you to share photos, videos, voice messages, location and short text messages. But remember, the service is not free of cost, both Etisalat and Du change a monthly subscription fee of 50 AED for a single device usage and 100 AED for more than one device that can be an ideal package for the whole family to use Botim in UAE.

How to Use Botim App in UAE?

You should follow these steps in order to start using Botim in the UAE.

Step I.   Internet Calling Plan Subscription.  (Etisalat and Du Users).

How to activate Botim in Etisalat?, the Etisalat internet calling plan subscription will require you to visit the website and subscribe with the appropriate plan. This page can be accessed from home page under mobile> mobile solutions tab. Alternatively, you can also subscribe to this service with your prepaid and postpaid phones by sending an SMS “ICP “to 1012 or via using my Etisalat mobile application. If you want to subscribe to the service for multiple users, you will need to dial 125 or 101 from your Etisalat home telephone and follow the guidelines provided.    

How to activate Botim in Du? the Du internet calling plan subscription will be required if you have a prepaid or postpaid connection, then you must activate this service by sending an SMS message with “Netcall” to 1355. In case you want to use Botim application for multiple devices and users then you will need to call at 04-3905555 or visit you nearest DU store.

Step II. Downloading and Installing the Botim App.

After you have subscribed to internet calling plans with Etisalat or Du, now you can download Botim app from the internet. This app is available for both Apple iPhone and Android users. Therefore if you have Apple based device like iPhone or Ipad then you can download it from App store. If you have Android-based mobile devices then you need to visit the Google play store to download it. Just type Botim app in the search bar and you will get the link to download the file. Once you have downloaded the file, you must run the setup and follow the instructions in order to install the app.

Step III. Create/Register with Botim app.

Once the installation is complete, you can run the application by double click on the icon. However, it will prompt you to register with them. You must ensure you use the same mobile number as used while subscribing to internet calling plan. Once you provided all the login details, you can immediately start calling your family and friends abroad.

Step IV.  Using Different Features of Botim App.

As discussed earlier, the Botim app is loaded with different features like application screen, chats and much more. In order to use chats and call services of botim app, you must have family or friends who are also using the same application. The application also allows you to invite family and friends to join and start using this application. It has “Me” features that through notification will let you know about auto, chat, image usage and other account details.

How to Use Botim app in PC or Laptop?

Many users UAE asks us how can they install and use Botim app on PC or Laptop? while they don’t find any satisfactory answer on the internet it makes them frustrated. We want to let all Botim and C`Mon users know that it is not yet possible to use Botim app on Pc or Laptop. Therefore, you can`t use Botim application on Laptop and PC. it is only available for mobile devices.  

Botim App (Tips and Tricks)

  • The internet calling plan with Etisalat or Du is automatically renewable each month unless you cancel it yourself.
  • Your family and friends outside the UAE don’t need to pay any subscription fee in order to talk to you through Botim app.
  • Only residents of UAE will need to pay a monthly subscription fee to use the service.
  • While most of the Viop based calling software are blocked in UAE, Botim offers an easy and convenient way to call your loved ones for free.

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