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How to Use Email Filtering in Outlook?

Despite email hosting companies take different measures to detect and discard SPAM emails, it still exists however like many other email services Outlook has different features to not only control but slow it down. Here are few tips to use different outlook features to filter emails in outlook.

  • Make Use of Block Sender Option.

Outlook has an option to block sender, by using this option you can add intrusive spam sending to your block sender list and move such emails to Junk email folder. This option works best if you have fewer emails like dozens of emails per day. To set it up, you will have to “Select Spam email, by choosing junk from the drop down menu click block sender.”

  • Set up a Blocked Sender list

In case you are getting a lot of SPAM from same location or ISP, or you are the target of Phishing Scam that is impersonating a legit organization such as PayPal etc. then by using block sender list you can put that whole group into your block sender list. To do so you must follow these steps From Home selects Junk, and then Junk email options and then click block sender tab. Then click Add button and enter the country code, the spammer group domain or even any fake company`s URL.

You don’t generally need any things else to block all the email addresses from a group or company; you must just enter their name proceed further.

  • Create Rules for sorting, moving and more

Outlook comes with feature “create rule” that allows custom email management to the users. Users can define these rules in the virtual rulebook. For example, different macros that automate repetitive tasks, for example, displaying your email in particular window.

You will have to move email to another folder while from home click rule and then create a rule in the dialogue box.  Make the rule when get email and select condition, then this condition will be applied by mobbing your email to junk emails.

  • Rules Wizard (advanced options)

Outlook allows you to create rules that block spam while setting up a number of other tasks that are based on some specific criteria.

For example, you receive a lot of spam in your Outlook email box with attachments. There are a lot of phishing emails in it as that had redirection links to third party websites. You want to automatically deter this email, so outlook can identify and put it in your email box without any problem.

You will have to follow the procedure as follows.

From Home to click on rules, and then create a rule in the create rule dialog box you must click options button. You must select appropriate condition by choosing it from the scroll down menu. You can choose where email address, or the name of the sender having attachments, then click next. At next screen select junk folder where you want to receive this email.

  •  Check spam folders often

Ant phishing email and Anti-Spam solutions are applied at different levels with different rules applied to the email so that the spamming can be controlled. However, if you are using rules based anti-spam option, then you must also check your spam folder on a regular basis. As few of your emails might end up in  Junk Mail folder. Therefore in case you are expecting some emails and you believe these emails are gone missing you should first check your junk emails and if you can not find them then you must talk to your network administrator who may be able to figure if your emails are getting into junk folder due to different checks placed at ISP level or Server level. mavi su cialis

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