What is Apple Pay and How to Set it up and use in UAE? -
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What is Apple Pay and How to Set it up and use in UAE?

With IPhone 6 being is the most popular smartphone in UAE. Apple has now launched its payment solution “Apple Pay” in UAE that will allow users to pay through their smart devices without needing to bring their Credit/Debit cards out of the wallet.  

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is service that allows you to pay through IPhone in stores or on the internet. The goal of this service is to enable users to pay for their purchases conveniently and securely. it uses built-in near field communication (NFC) chip in IPhone and Apple watch to pay for goods and services. You just need to hold it near card reader as the device itself will become a contactless debit card.  

How does it work?

By using “Touch ID sensor” home button that comes builtin with IPhone 6 and later versions, the transaction is processed without the need to enter a PIN number to verify identity. As you approach card reader, the apple pay automatically detects it and initiates the process even without having to open an app and simply pressing a finger to sensor verifies the payment. As your payment is processed and received IPhone will vibrate and beep to let you know about it.   While using Apple watch to pay, you should double click the side button to trigger your stored debit card. Then hold it to the contactless reader to process the payment. Similar to IPhone your watch will vibrate and beep to acknowledge the completion of the process.   If you have cards from any of these six major banks (Mashreq, Emirates NBD, Emirates Islamic, RAK Bank, HSBC, or Standard Chartered) and IPhone6 or later then you can set it up by following these instructions.  

How to Set Up Apple Pay in UAE?

  • Step-I. Open up the Wallet app on your iPhone or alternatively go to settings and then go to “Wallet and Apple Pay” option.
  • Step-II.  You will see pop up message to add a card. Add your card details into it. If you already have your card details stored for iTunes purchases then you will be either prompted to either continue using the same card or set up a new one.
  • Step-III. Your card details will be verified by the bank and in some cases, it may ask you for additional information to verify your identity.
  • Step-IV. As your card details entered in the app are verified by card issuer you are all set to start using apple pay.
  • Step -V. You can also choose your preferred settings for example whether you want to allow access to “Apple pay” when the phone is locked with just double clicking on a home button.
To use it for payments you just have one step here.  When you make a purchase hold your phone near retailor contactless payment terminal.  Your iPhone will ask for confirmation of your purchase by using “Touch ID or passcode”. And that`s it your payment is complete.  

Minimum Requirements to Use Apple Pay.

Most of the Apple iPhone users and people who own other Apple products can use it.
  •  iPhone 6 or later should have iOS 11 or later versions.
  •  IPad Pro, iPad Air 2 or iPad mini 2 with iOS 11 or later.
  • Mac PC running macOS Sierra or later with Touch ID on MacBook Pro Touch Bar. Or
  • Apple Watch.
  • You should select UAE as your region.
  • iCloud Account.
  • Credit/Debit card from any of these Six banks (Cards from Mashreq, Emirates NBD, Emirates Islamic, HSBC, Standard Chartered, or RAKBANK).
There are many retailers who are accepting Apple Pay payments including Apple Store, virgin megastore, Cafe Nero, Marks & Spencer, Sharaf DG, Home Centro, and many others.

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