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How to set up a new Computer?

You have just got a new computer and want to open the box and use it straight away. However, you must be aware that it`s not like a new car that you will just turn a key and you are on your way. Maybe it`s as simple as that but few simple activities at this stage can help you with its safer, faster and better use in the future. If you are not a techie person, then you may find it overwhelming and may need to help of computer support services.
Here is how to set up a new computer or laptop in few easy steps.
  • Run Windows Update on your new PC.

The first step is related to ensure your privacy online. Running Windows update on your new PC will ensure your copy of windows is fully updated and patched against all latest threats. Depending on how your PC or laptop remained on the retail shelf, it may take from minutes to hours for this update to complete. To run windows update on your PC you must first make sure your PC is connected to the internet. If you are setting up Windows 10, then you must open the Start menu, Go to setting> update and security> click on check for updates. It will start searching for updates. You must download and install them. After installation is complete, restart your computer. Repeat same steps until you don’t find any more update on the list. In future Windows 10 will automatically download and install the update, therefore, you need to run the same process again.
  •   Install your Favorite Browser.

Windows operating system comes with Internet explorer preloaded on it. However, due to many reasons, the majority of people prefer not to use it. Using unfamiliar web browsers may be a difficult experience. Here are the direct links for downloading your favorite browsers for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. You can follow the links and download your preferred browser. After downloading it you will have to install it in your computer by running the setup.
  •   Setup Security for your new PC.

There are too many viruses, Trojans and adware to count that may cause your operating system to corrupt making you lose valuable data. Therefore, it is important to setup security, before to move ahead with using your new computer. Windows 10 comes with Microsoft Defender that is security utility enabled by default. Unless your laptop or desktop has third-party antivirus trial version installed on it. Windows defender can provide you reasonable level of security. However with growing threats online and next generation of viruses is coming in, you may need to have fully functional third-party antivirus installed on your machine.  You may contact Whitehats computer support service for Antivirus installation for your PC.
  •  Remove Unnecessary Softwares from your computer.

As security of your PC is now up, it’s time to start remove crap out of your computer. You don’t need to follow this step if you have built your own Windows PC or have bought signature edition directly from Microsoft. All other PCs are full of such bloatware that you may never use, therefore it’s better to remove them to free up your computer’s memory and other resources for better use. There are many utilities that can do this job easier for you, for example, PC decrapifier is a tool that can scan your PC for all the known bloatware allowing you it wipe them away all at once.  If you want to clean your PC fully then you may consider an option to reinstall your operating system with clean installation where you can format and reinstall your windows operating system after downloading it. If you want to follow this option then you can use downloadable tool that will help to proceed further with it. However just remember by following this option you will lose everything already installed on your PC. This includes Microsoft office and other programs. Therefore it will be wise to note their product keys and other licensing information so you can install and activate them at a later stage.
  •  Install New Softwares in your Computer.

After you have removed all the utilities and unnecessary software that you might not need, now you will enough room for new stuff.  You may find plenty of software on the internet that may help you in your study or profession. Many of such software can be downloaded from this link.  In addition to that, you may also install a number of free games as per your requirements.
  •  Backup your Computer.

So now your computer is finally ready, it`s now up to date and safe to use. However, we are not end yet. You should now create image or clone of your primary hard drive. The primary hard drive is the one that from where windows boots from. You must store this image on another hard drive. This clone or image will help you to recover and restore your PC in case you have to reinstall operating system in future. If you don’t have a hard drive you can get Personal cloud storage where you don’t just store your computer image or recovery file but your important personal data as well. This will ensure you always have access to your important data at all the times.
You may contact Whitehats support for Personal cloud storage service in Dubai.
That`s it your new computer is now ready to use. To make most out of it you can explore more about your computer and operating system through searching on the internet. In addition that you will find valuable tips and information on our blog as well.
In case you need help to set up new computer or laptop, you can always call at +971 4 33 82 500 for Personalized computer support service in Dubai mavi su cialis

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