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How to Format Windows 10 ?

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Windows 10 is the latest version of operating system from Microsoft.  It is loaded with many different features that its predecessors were missing. However, like older Microsoft Windows versions it may also get the problem and require you to fix them. In case your Windows 10 Pc is not working the way it should, you are getting different errors or you just want to reset your Windows 10 PC due to any reason. This operating system allows you to restore your computer to earlier state so you can avoid most of the problems. Here is a quick summary on how to format windows 10. Step 1.  Open “Start Menu” and Click Settings. Step 2.  Select “Update and SecurityStep 3.  Click on “Recovery” option on the Left Menu. Step 4.  Click on “Get Started” option available under “Reset the PC” Step 5.  Select “Remove Everything”. Step 6.   Select “Remove files and clean the drive” Step 7.   Click “Next” and click the Reset Button. Step 8.    Click Continue after reset process is completed. Now have a look at a detailed process that explains how to format windows 10 PC.
  • Open your Start menu and Navigate to Settings.

First, you will need to navigate to settings and you can do so from the start menu. You must click on the windows icon that is on the lower left corner of your computer screen. It will open the start menu from here you can easily find out settings.
  • Select “Update & Security Option.

After you have opened Settings, here you will need to locate Update and Security option. It looks like a blue revolving arrow icon. Select and click on update and security option.
  • Click “Recovery” option on the Left.

All the update and security option will open on the left-hand side navigation menu. Here you must locate and click Recovery option to proceed further. This recovery option will take you to the three major options that are
  • Reset the PC. It is a suitable option for fresh starting.
  • Go back to an earlier build. This option will allow you to roll back computer system to a previous OS version.
  • Advanced Startup. This option will enable to boot computer system with a recovery USB drive or disk.
  • Choose “ Get Started “ option under Reset the PC.

As you want to format windows 10, therefore the most appropriate option will be “Reset the PC”. It will allow you to reinstall the windows operating system that will reset the entire PC giving it a new start.
  • Click Remove Everything.

After clicking “Get Started” you will be taken to further options, either “Keep the files” or “Remove everything”. Keeping the files will enable you to keep your data and computer setting intact while removing everything will remove everything leaving you default settings.
  • Remove the Files and Clean the Drive.

Here you will see two options one for just removing files and other remove files and clean the drive. The first option will not completely clean your PC from an older version of Windows 10 operating system. Therefore, you must choose to remove the files and clean the drive. This option will take sometimes to erase all the files.   Now after selecting the option, you must click “Next” if your operating system warns you that you will not be able to roll back your computer from this point. After clicking on reset PC when prompted and that’s it, this is how to format windows 10 PC. At Whitehats support, we offer home it supports service in Dubai where we offer this service through flexible packages that perfectly suit your needs. Our software and upgrade service is designed to solve your day to day computer problems. You can opt for onsite IT support visit in Dubai and we will fix all the problems related to Windows 10 operating system. mavi su cialis

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