How to fix Wi-Fi connectivity issues on Mac? -
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How to fix Wi-Fi connectivity issues on Mac?

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Although Windows 10 is considered to be the most popular operating system around the world there is growing market of Mac users.  With over 60 million active users, the market share of Mac grew 7% in 2016. It is world second most popular operating system that is a preferred choice of customers who wants computers that are less prone to problems. However,   less prone does not mean it does`t get any problems at all. Occasionally you may face issues that may require at least some knowledge of troubleshooting Mac. Many people often face a problem related Mac Wi-Fi internet connection. There are following signs of Mac OS problems.
  • All other devices except Mac are connecting to internet.
  • Mac connection to Wi-Fi is established but no internet is working.
  • Wi-Fi connection keeps turning off.
  • The Wi-Fi connection is unstable and slow on Mac.
There are few simple tricks that you can follow to troubleshoot Wi-Fi internet connection in Mac.

Run the default Wi-Fi assistants.

In order to fix Wi-Fi problems in Mac, it`s better to start with built in tools that are already available in operating system.
Go into Apple Menu – click on System preferences > Network.
The windows will allow you to investigate what your Wi-Fi setting or preferences are. In case your Mac has connectivity issue then you must click on “Assist me” button at the bottom of window. Clicking on this button should launch built-in diagnostics tool. Is connectivity issue resolved? If not there are still plenty of tools provided by Apple that can help you troubleshoot this problem. If your problem is not resolved then you should try Wireless Diagnostic app. You can access it by pressing option + click the Wi-Fi Icon at the top right corner and click to open and run wireless diagnostics.

Delete and reset Wi-Fi network settings.

This method will reconfigure your existing Wi-Fi settings and will launch your network from setting from scratch, therefore, I recommend you to back up your Mac using time machine utility. The first step will be close your web browsers and turn off your Wi-Fi Open Finder –Go- and Go to Folder Then  you must write or paste this address to perform this task
A window will pop up with name of different files . you must select all the Wi-Fi and network services like apple.accounts, apple.eapoclient.plist , Wi-Fi. Message-tracer ,networkinterface.plist,preferencesplist.  Select all the files with mentioned names in it.You must simply move them into trash without deleting them or make a new folder on your desktop and move them into that folder.Now as final step “Restart your Mac”. Revisit again your Wi-Fi preferences section. Turn your Wi-Fi on and select your Wi-Fi again. In most of the cases, the above-discussed method will work and your problem will be resolved. If the problem persists then you must consider upgrading your Mac operating system.

 Wi-Fi won't turn on after sleep mode on Mac.

Sometimes, when your Mac is on sleep mode setting, it becomes the reason for your Wi-Fi to drop off on Mac and it would not turn it on again. You can simply try fixing this problem.
  • In System Preference > Energy Saver setting
  • Disable Wake for Wi-Fi network option
  • Check the Wi-Fi now, and if it is still not fixed then move on to the next step.

Flush DNS Cache.

Mac can find IP addresses through DNS services. The service has Cache folder that has its own folder. Sometimes when Wifi Slows down then removing the cache files can be helpful. Therefore flushing DNS Cache can work well for some macs. You can perform this easily by using that is available for free. You should go into Maintenance tab and tick flush DNS cache. That`s it, you can get your Wi-Fi internet connection restored within few minutes.

Reboot your Wi-Fi router.

In many cases, Mac connectivity issue is resolved by rebooting your Wi-Fi router. In order to reboot your Wi-Fi router simply putting router powered off. Then wait for 2 minutes before plugging in, and then try to reconnect your device again. In addition to that, you can also try placing your Wi-Fi router at a different place.As you may also lose your internet connection due to lost signals due to interference.

Still no Wi-Fi connection on Mac? Switch off the Bluetooth.

In some cases, you Wi-Fi in Mac does not work because Bluetooth device is interfering with it, especially when Wi-Fi signals are weak. It`s due to both rely on radio frequencies. Therefore,try disabling Bluetooth by following these methods. Click on Apple Menu then Go into system preferences. From system preferences select Bluetooth. Then click Turn Bluetooth off.

Update your router firmware.

You must try updating your router firmware in order to fix the problem of router firmware.  This can only be performed with the internet connection. Therefore, you must connect to router via cable connection in case your Wi-Fi does not work.
Go to applications >   type airport utility in the search bar.
Look at airport base station. Have a look at red notification badge next to base name into the more details; see if the update is available

Still no or poor Wi-Fi Connection on Mac?

If after trying all sort of tricks, you still cannot connect to Wi-Fi then it means you may need to improve the performance of your Mac. Just download clearnmymac and you can perform cleaning of your Mac within few minutes. It will clean loads for junk files from your PC while working faster than ever before.
  If you still having problem with your Mac then it’s time to get professional help you can call us for Mac support in Dubai . mavi su cialis

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