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How to Fix Most Common Problems in Mac?

There is a reason behind the popularity of Mac OS and one of them is its reliability. Mac users don’t have to face problems and issues very often. Therefore, it is one of the biggest selling points for them. However, it does not mean you will not get into any trouble while using Mac OS.  So what should you do if you get trouble with your Mac? In this blog post, we have discussed some of the major issues that you may face while using Mac and ways to fix them without professional help. If you get into trouble with your Mac you should look out for the following things while diagnosing the problems.

  • Is there Error Msg?

Is there any error message on your screen? If yes then you must write it down or take a picture using your mobile phone. We have discussed common Mac error messages so you can check and see if it’s all covered in it or otherwise you can quickly search in Google to find out if anyone else is facing the same problem and how they have fixed it?.
  • So When the Problem started? Are you getting problems after installing a new program, or adding Piece of Kit? Or you have recently updated your software?
  • Check software. you must check if your Mac OS is fully updated. Because many of the known issues may resolve itself if you keep your system updated with latest version and patches.
  • Check peripherals. If it’s not a software related problem then it might be a hardware related issue, especially if you have installed, replaced or attached a new peripheral then it might be causing issue. Try unplugging everything that is plugged into your Mac and see if this resolve the problem.
  • Check Disk Space. Sometimes low disk space may significantly reduce the performance of your Mac or even result in showing some errors. Therefore, you must check if you have at least 10% of total disk space free.  You can check it by going into "about this Mac"> Storage.  If it requires you must free up some disk space.
  • Check Activity Monitor.By checking Activity Monitor, you can easily identify if something is taking over memory or CPU resources.  You can check it by Going into Application >Utilities > Activity Monitor or you can also access it through CMD + Space.
  • Start in Safe Mode.

    One way to diagnose a problem with your Mac can be to start your computer in Safe Mode. When you start it in Safe Mode your Mac will load without loading startup items during boot up process. A system will also check startup disk, it should, therefore, be able to alert you about the problems. You can get your Mac into safe mode by shutting down your Pc, waiting for 10 seconds where pressing the power button.  As soon as your Mac starts you will hear startup ring then press and keep on hold the shift key. When you can see Apple logo then you can stop pressing shift button.
  • Start in Recovery Mode.

    The Mac OS recovery mode was changed after the launch of OS X Lion.  In case you are running an older version  MacOS, the method will be different.  When MacOS is installed on a Mac Recovery HD volume is also created at the same time on startup drive. This startup drive is normally hidden can be used to boot from if need to perform any tasks like repair, the startup disk, reinstallation MacOS or more. In case you want to recover HD volume you just need to Press and keep holding CMD+R during the boot up of your Mac system. You should keep holding these keys until you see Apple Logo on screen.  During recovery mood, your Mac may take some time to boot up.
We have discussed most common ways to troubleshoot Mac, However, there are number of other Mac related issues and problems that may need professional Mac support. If you need professional Mac Support help to get your Mac fixed at the convenience of your home or office, then don’t hesitate to contact Whitehats Support at +971 4 33 82 500. mavi su cialis

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