How to Choose the Best Location for CCTV Cameras?
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How to Choose the Best Location for Your Outdoor CCTV camras.

CCTV security system is a popular way to protect your premises and keep an eye on what`s going on around the area when are away. While CCTV technology has been a proven way to deter the burglary, theft, and crime, you cannot cover all the areas of your property. Therefore, whenever you are choosing CCTV solutions for your home, you will have to decide about an important matter where to place your security cameras. It may be the places that you think are more vulnerable than others. It all depends on why you need to install CCTV cameras if the purpose is to prevention from thieves and burglars then you may have to think like one in order to find a suitable place that may let them into your premises. Just imagine you may have hidden or obscured entrance, windows or doors that may be of particular appeal for burglars. It`s your property, and you must understand what areas should be covered. choosing the best location for CCTV Cameras is very important. Another important point that you need to consider is whether you want to install hidden cameras or want them to be visible to others. In the case of protecting your premises you may decide it to be easily visible to other it is, so burglars and thieves often avoid any such places where the cameras are installed. However, in some cases, you might want hidden cameras to monitor the activities of maid or homeworkers. If you are confused, I would recommend a hybrid method in which you can place dummy cameras that look completely authentic.

  • Front Door

    Your front door or main entrance is first logical place where you would like to install security camera. It is estimated that nearly 34% of all burglars try to access your hoyour property and at what time. In addition to that you must also consider protecting your camera from unauthorized access or damage therefore always installs it at safe place and appropriate protectionme from front doors. You may also be interested in knowing who is coming into or going out .
  • Back Door

    Another logical point for installing CCTV security cameras may be the back door entrance or side door if you have one. You should consider covering every entry and exit of your property with proper surveillance. It is estimated that nearly 22% of burglars enter through the back door therefore; you need a camera here as well. You must consider weatherproof, and CCTVs with night vision capability for this point.
  • Off-Street Windows

    Rear window is another point from where Burglars enter a home. If there is a window that is not in direct view of the street that means no one from outside can easily see through the window, then it might be an attractive point of entry for thieves and burglars. At this point consider install the wireless camera with mobile access where you can change the direction of it as per your requirements.
  • Backyard/Side Gate

    You may have a backyard or lawn area where you may want to place garden machinery, recreational equipment, or convert it into playing area for kids. Whatever, your purpose is you can protect your belongings with CCTV security cameras. Here we recommend you to install it at a visible location, so the thieves, burglars or any intruders know they are being monitored.
  • Basement & Stairs

    If you have basement and stairs that are outside of your main building, then you must also cover it.  Many burglars are interesting in entering into your property through stairs of the basement. We suggest installing motion sensor technology for stairs and basement area with infrared night vision.
Whatever your home security needs might be, Whitehats support provides ultimate home security solutions for your home. Just call us and discuss your needs and we will be happy to respond. mavi su cialis

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