How to Check Wifi Password in Windows 10
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How to Check WiFi Password in Windows 10?

If you are a Windows PC users and use Wi-Fi internet then you may have come across situations when you can’t remember the password of your Wireless Internet.  You usually realize it when someone in your home or guest asks for it.  Even you may never know it because some of your relative or friend has configured your Wi-Fi connection. So it`s a problem sooner or later you will need to know this password. What you can do to find your Wi-Fi password? Fortunately, there are several ways of doing it and we have discussed it in this article.

Method I.   Find out  Wi-Fi password using the Control Panel.

In case you are using Windows 10 computer, laptop or any other devices and you are already connected to the wireless network then it can show your Wi-Fi password.  However, you must be logged in with an administrator account to get this information. In case you don’t have administrator rights, then you must skip to the next methods that I am going to discuss after it. First, make sure you are connected with wireless network then open the control panel. Within control panel, you will need to go to Network and Internet “Network and Sharing Center” In the Network and Sharing Center, you must look for your active wireless network, it can be found inside section “view your active networks”. For example, our Wi-Fi network is called Home37, you must click or tap on the name or the network shown in connection field. This action displays a new window called “Wi-Fi Status” here you should click or tabs to go into Wireless properties section. It will open up in new windows that will show all the properties of the wireless network you are connected to. In order to find your wireless connection password, you must go to the security tab, locate the network security key section that has your Wi-Fi password. It will be displayed in the black dots. To see the Wi-Fi password, check option show characters. You might be interested in our earlier blog post “How to set up a new wireless router?”

Method-II Find Our Wi-Fi password using Command Prompt.

One of the quickest methods involves getting the Wi-Fi password by writing few commands in command prompt or PowerShell. You must first open a command prompt by opening it through the search bar. You can access it by writing “cmd” in the search bar that appears while clicking windows icon in the operating system. For example, you must note down the network name and then type this command and press enter netsh walan show profile name=Wifiname key=clear. Here you must replace the Wifi name with the actual name of your network. By entering this command you can Then, you are shown detailed information about that network. Look for the Key Content field which displays the wireless password.

Method III.  Check WiFi router Box, Manual or Sticker.

Another method that you can use to get the password of Wi-Fi network is that few companies that send their wireless routers with pre-configured passwords. In case, you have not changed the default password then you might find it written on the box. In most cases, you have not thrown away the box of Wi-Fi router; you should check its cover for the wireless key, WEP key, WPA or WPA2 key. If you cannot find it on the box the first two methods would work best for you. You might be interested in our earlier blog post “How To Fix Wi-Fi Problems in Windows?”

Method IV.   Through wireless router's administrator Interface.

So none of the above method worked for its, it’s now a bit technical method that is to access the administrator`s interface of your Wi-Fi router. If you know a little bit about computers then it should not be a big problem for you.  You will need a device that is already connected to the network and any desktop PC, Laptop, tablet or even a smartphone. In the web browser address bar you will need to enter the IP address of Wi-Fi router. For most of the wireless routers, the IP address is or However, it depends on the manufacturer and model. If none of these two works for you then you must check routers manual for default IP address. Once the page opens it should ask you about username and password. This also is usually available on the box or in the manual, sticker on the device and manufacture’s website unless you change it yourself.  Username might be Admin or Administrator and password might be 12345 or something like it. Once you log in to Wi-Fi routers user interface to look for the sections wireless, wireless settings, wireless security, or anything similar to locate current Wi-Fi password. Still having problems?  Call Whitehats IT Support Dubai to get help from highly experienced IT technicians. or order online through our website and opt for onsite IT support visit in Dubai and we will fix all the problems related to Windows 10 operating system. mavi su cialis

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