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How Security Cameras Work

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Do you feel anxious while leaving your home? Do you walk away backward unwillingly to have another protective gaze on your door? Do you suspect someone can break into your home while you are away?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to be at two places at once, so what option you are left with to make yourself feel more secure?  You may put additional locks and install an Alarm system, but nothing is fail safe.

However, you may have a security camera installed at your property that will enable you to keep an eye on your property through a mobile phone.

By installing CCTV camera at your property, you can monitor all the activities occur inside or outside your home. In case you’re more interested in monitoring your home or office during night you can install infrared security cameras that are equipped with detector chip that has the ability to take images and videos in dark or semi-dark conditions. Extended ability to capture, pan and zoom, today`s security cameras as equipped with most advanced features that works much better than human eye,

There is a wide variety of security cameras is available in the market with different features, quality of images and sizes.

If you are looking for security camera system at your house or office, then you must consider following basic factors.

Types of Security Cameras

The type of security camera system a person installs depends on the kind of activity under surveillance. Before you even think of installing security camera system at your property, you must consider what your needs are are? What do you want to monitor? How many numbers of cameras will you be required to cover the area?  Are you covering the entrance area only or you wanted to monitor other parts of your house or office as well? As most homeowners, you may need just one security camera to cover.

A surveillance camera can be either wireless or wired, and choice of it depends on where you want to get it installed. Wireless camera are relatively easier to install while wired cameras are little complex to install that may require professional help. If you need better quality images then you should consider installing wired cameras as the wireless based camera has lower signal strength.

There are two major types of security camera system both with few variations provide reliable monitoring services.

Analog Security Camera:

These type of security cameras has two parts one is the camera itself while other if DVR ( Digital Video Recorder) A transmission cable transfer images taken by cameras to DVR.  Therefore DVR works as a central unit in the system it receives video images, compress it and store it in the storage device to retrieve it for the later time.

Nowadays security cameras are available with advanced technology where it is able to convert analog signals into digital format and can also stream these images over the Internet through its built-in web server. Moreover, additional features of this type of cameras can be motion detection, alarms input, and schedules, etc.

Network or IP Security Camera:

These cameras are pretty different from analog systems; however, it also does the work of the DVR. Generally, a network IP based camera is nothing more than a standard camera that performs different functions’ like video compression, format conversion to digital and streaming it over the internet or Ethernet. As it has the ability to compress and convert the images over a PC, the images can be streamed through the Internet, PC or either for recording or viewing purposes. The top benefit of this type of camera is additional cameras can become part of the system very easily, while is easy to use and install with relatively less maintenance required.

How to Install Security Cameras:

Once you have decided the area that you want to cover you can find an appropriate place to install your camera. It is important that you install your camera properly for better results. If you are not a technical person who has never performed any such tasks, then it is recommended that you hire a professional person to do the installation tasks on your behalf. Although most of the cameras are not much complicated and you can install it yourself, but in most cases, the company from which you have bought security camera should be able to provide you installation services. You should also be looking for such companies. Doing so will save you from lot of trouble as it be difficult for you install it correctly at the right location.


A security camera is extensively used by people to secure their home or offices. With the advancement of technology, there are new and improved features in cameras that make them much better in functionality. When you want to choose camera for your use you must consider few important elements that are what areas you want to cover? How many cameras you will need? What picture quality are you looking for? Will install it yourself or will hire a company to do the task. Getting a CCTV camera from service providers can help you a lot as they will help you throughout the process. mavi su cialis

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