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8 Most Common Windows 10 Issues and How to Fix them?

Windows 10 is the latest version of operating system. As this upgrade was available for free for few months that`s why many of us upgraded it to newer version straight away. However, at Whitehats Support, we occasionally see people struggling with different problems in Windows 10. Many of these problems can be fixed easily but few of them require help of professional IT support service.
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Here we have discussed 8 most common windows 10 related problems and issues that you might face with possible solutions.
  • Random Restarts.

Its common windows 10 issue that are caused by windows update that requires computer to restart to bring changes into effect. Especially, when a core file, already in use is updated, it will require reboot to free up the file, update it and boot it again using the newer version.  However, there is way to stop computer doing it whenever you feel with simple changes in settings. You must go to settings, click on update and security, then Advanced options, select notify to schedule restart.
  • Windows Update stops working.

Another one of the very common issue faced by windows 10 is that update stops working. It is because most of the people replace windows firewall utility with third party firewall application. However as firewall that comes with operating system is tied with update and when replaced with third party application result in stopping windows update.  Unfortunately, there is no around other then turning the firewall on. Therefore, to resolve this issue, you must right click on the task bar, select services and open services section at the bottom. Here, you can find windows firewall, turn it on and click on settings, update & security and click on check for updates. After the windows update is complete you turn the firewall off again.
  • Cannot find Safe Mode.

You may occasionally need to start your computer in safe mode for installation and troubleshooting purposes. You may find it difficult to locate any option in windows 10 that may allow you to do so. You can’t access safe mode unless you have installation media ready with you. One way to reboot is to boot computer directly from installation DVD or USB drive. however if you don’t have one ready with you then access it by hold down the shift key while clicking on restart and it will result in computer booting in safe mode.  
  • Windows won’t play DVDs.

You might be facing similar problem, as windows 10 comes without DVD player. Why they did not include in windows operating system is still unclear. However you can simply download any good DVD player and use it play DVDs. For example VLC play is compact, small DVD player that can play most of video formats as per your requirements.
  • Stop with the Notifications already.

While using windows 10 for a while, you may soon see lot of notifications is popping up giving you sort of useless information about different windows 10 features, options and usages. Although few of them may be useful, but most of the users feel very annoyed due to it. If you turn off the useless notifications it will make things lot easier for you.  You can turn it off by going > settings, Click on system and notifications and actions. Here turn it off (toggle off all notifications) that you don’t need.
  • Stop every program starting with Windows.

Although it may be important for few program to load/start with windows. If in case many computer programs load together with windows it may result in computer slow down. As more programs are loaded it leads to adding more time during startup. To avoid this problem, you must turn each computer program individually. In order to deal with this issue, you should right click the task bar and select start-up. Click on program to select as it will highlight, then highlight a program with enabled status and select disable. Then repeat the same steps for other programs.
  • My default apps keep changing.

We hear it from lot of windows 10 users that their default apps keep on changing at its own. Perhaps in many versions of operating systems, most of the customized options go back to default.  If same is the case with you then here is catch for you. Go to settings, open setting, systems open default apps and click on the one that option you need to change
  • The Windows 10 Start Menu won’t open.

Another one of the very common issue faced by windows 10 users is that they sometimes are not able to open start menu. This problem is especially seen in the computers that has windows upgrades from previous versions. The usability of the program is reduced with this problem. You can resolve this problem by opening CMD by typing it into search windows or by pressing Win +R keys. Type “sfc/scannow into CMD windows , press enter and complete the process. It should find the file to repair its error. Otherwise, you should write Dism/online/cleanup-image/restorehealth  and press enter to fix the problem.

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