How to Fix Wi-Fi Connection Drop Problem? -
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How to Fix Wi-Fi Connection Drop Problem?

Are you facing wireless router disconnection and signal dropping problem? If yes you are not alone many users like me face the same situation once in a while. However, when you restart your wireless router, you get back your internet connection. While you can always take help from Home & office IT support services. Based on our experience we are sharing valuable tips on resolving this issue. You may also have a look at our earlier post on ways to make your home broadband work faster at this link as it may also help you to resolve this problem.

What Causes this problem?

This problem is a sign of few types of underlying problem in your Wireless router including Driver issues of Wireless card, problems with router firmware, setting or driver. In most cases, the main culprit is your wireless card driver that has not been updated since long. However, there might be other reasons too like radio signal interference, and overloaded network and bandwidth issues. If you are technology geek then you can deal with this problem easily, But if you are not much familiar with an internet connection and wireless internet, then you must rather call Home & office IT support. There are many managed service providers that provide IT support Dubai. Here are the ways to resolve this problem

 Update PC Driver.

First of all, you must update your PC drivers. You can do so by downloading drivers package from the manufacturer of your PC. Simply put your laptop model and make in Google search and it will take to your manufacturer website. From where you should download website driver bundle in update your PC drivers by running each driver one by one. In order identify the driver for your wireless card. You must know the name and model of your wireless card. You may find it out by simply getting into system properties, Hardware tab and clicking on Device Manager where you will find it under Network adapter.

Update Router Software/Driver/Firmware.

Another issue that may cause router problem is an older version of router firmware. Since most of the wireless routers come with no automatic option to update driver, it is not going to be easy task for ordinary users. Therefore, you may get help from IT support service. In case you want to resolve it yourself, you must first find out the website of your wireless router company and then log into your router and upload new driver into it to perform the update. To do it you will need IP address to access router through web interface. Since the method of updating firmware differ significantly from brand to brand you must get help from Wifi device product documentation that can be found in the box or over the internet.

Problem with Router Setting/Configuration.

Another reason your wireless router may drop signal and internet connectivity due to router setting or configuration. In some cases, you may have dual-band router that allows transmitting signals on multiple frequencies. You must first try to connect on other available frequency. Then check if on your router's channel setting is set to auto as it must be at this setting at all the times.

 Wi-Fi Radio Interference.

Today every household has a number of such items that can cause huge radio interference for Wi-Fi signals. This interference around your house or in the vicinity of Wi-Fi router can create problems for wireless signals.  Therefore, it might be the reason for weak signals that may occasionally drop and disconnect.Your cordless phones, Bluetooth devices, automatic door openers, and ovens etc. if placed near Wi-Fi router can create problems for you.In order to solve this problem, you should move your home network equipment from their current location or change radio (Channel number) settings to resolve this problem.

 The Network Is Overloaded.

You may have perfectly setup home broadband that is also free of interference but if there are too many devices that are using the same network resulting in decreased bandwidth for each device. In case the bandwidth available for each device is decreased the internet will stop working and in many cases start losing connection with Wi-Fi.  You can solve this problem by identifying how many devices are connected to the Wi-Fi and take off few of them for example if you have a Smart TV that is streaming movies at that time with other devices connected to the internet. it might be the reason for disconnection and signal drop.
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