Facebook Hack-How should you secure your Facebook account?
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Biggest Ever Facebook Hack – What you should do ?

You may have already heard about the news of largest breach of Facebook`s security that allow fraudsters to take over user accounts. So far about 50 million user accounts are confirmed to be at the risk of privacy breach with the potential of increasing this number up to 90 million.

How it happened?

According to Facebook, Hackers managed to exploit the user profile`s “view as “feature. This feature allows users to see how their profile looks to their friends and other users.  Fraudsters were able to find and exploit the vulnerability in this feature that allowed them to steal “access tokens” College creating is a trying course for several new college students. Students seeking scholarships with essays have a few options. NPEC is among the article competition scholarships that is definitely open to high school pupils. Instructors also needs to offer the youngsters proper recommendations for every sort of essay which they need to compose. Read to discover how you can actually compose an essay for virtually any school class to acquire the'A' you want. That's the reason you ought to address these horrible ranks within your admission essay. The main consideration to notice about college creating is the dissimilarity among an exceptional school article alongside a college level essay. Yet another idea is to only minimize the horrific standards by your college admission essay. If you anticipate to write a outstanding college-level essay, you'll have to devote time plus attempt in to the procedure About the record produces a difference when somebody is creating their specific declaration inside their academic writing paper. This can be a lot simpler to earn any alteration merely before actually writing the article. That is valid even within the quality in their writing. A big part of achievement in composition writing is available in organizing your own time efficiently. Composing an auto Biography is a really large undertaking. Even though it really is a challenging employment ( showing all the particulars briefly ), it might end up being a rewarding experience in the end. These access tokens can be used to allow users to access account without entering a password. That means fraudsters can enter into any account without authentication. After discovering the vulnerability, Facebook automatically logged out the potentially affected users that required users to re login their accounts by reentering the passwords. Residents of UAE and all over the world are advised to change their passwords to be on safe side, although Facebook claims Hackers were not able to gain access to Password files. You may be interested in our earlier post “How to Protect your Whatsapp account from Hacking”?

What`s the Latest?

Although it was a biggest breach in the history of Facebook, the social networking giant was quick to fix the problem and respond to the issue. However the real consequences of the breach were mostly unknown, we heard many users seen complaining about their accounts being compromised. There were also reports of fraudulent transactions from the credit card that were stored in the facebook accounts. During the last week, you may have seen the posts of the people saying that don’t accept any friends request by their name as their account is hacked etc.  This has further confused lot of people. The reality is people just share what they see online without conducting much research over it. If you get such messages, it does not mean your facebook account was hacked, it starts by saying Hi, I actually got another friend request from you. In addition to that it also requests to hold it down to forward this message to others. To all of our readers , This is a fake/scam message, your account has not sent out any requests, by sharing it and following instructions you are just making it spread fast to others.  If in some cases, someone genuinely received friend request from an account that has similar name, it is just because your profile may be copied but not hacked. You should immediately report such profiles. You might have already changed your Facebook password , here is what security measures you should take to avoid problem in future. Also read our earlier blog post 7 Tips to Avoid Computer Virus Infections.

How to determine if your Facebook Account was hacked?

It`s obvious that users may suspect their account being hacked or compromised after security breach of such huge level. The best way to determine whether someone has gained illegal access to your account is by conducting device audit. The device audit is to track the device that has been used to login your facebook account. Luckily, facebook allows you to see the record of devices that are attached to your account in some way.  On facebook security and login page, there is tab with the name “Where you are logged in “you will be able to see the list of devices that are signed in with your account with its locations. If you see an unfamiliar gadget or devices with location not known to you, you should immediately click remove button to remove your account from that device.

What to do if your Facebook Account is Hacked?                       

It is definitely very frustrated, however you should immediately take following measures to detect and deter hackers from making any damages to your account. First you should try to confirm if it is really hacked and this can be done by

Monitor your Login session.

In most cases you will be able to login or reset your password of your account. If you are able to access your account then you must monitor your login sessions. Go to settings by clicking on top right corner. Click security and Login button. Here on top you can view most recent devices you have used to log on to your account with date and time. Check all sessions carefully to identify if you don’t recognize any of them. Its better you don’t alert hacker as he already has access to your account rather remove the unknown device by clicking on it while selecting option “not you”? . From here you will be asked to take few extra steps to ensure security of your account. Next step will be as follows Step-1. Change your Facebook Account Password if hacker has not changed it. Step-2. If Hacker has already changed the account password then you must try resetting your password by clicking on forgot my password from login page. Step-3 Report Compromised Account to Facebook. Step-4 Caution your friends and Family. Step-5 Remove Rouge applications and Browser Add-ons.

How to Keep your Facebook Account Safe & Secure?

If your account is safe even then you should following these best practices to keep it secure, I am sure you never want your personal security to be compromised. Therefore, you should start taking these measure and be safe than sorry.

Always Use Strong Password & Change it every 6 Months.

One of the most commonly ignored security measure is creating strong password. Although it is easiest way to secure your Facebook account, Most Facebook users try to keep their passwords as simple as possible so they can remember it. But if you keep it easier and simpler it will easily become target of hackers. You must also make sure that you change passwords after at least 6 months. To change password you must follow these steps.  Setting > General > Password> Use Strong password.

Add Mobile Phone Number Confirmation.

Facebook now use mobile number to interlink your mobile phone with the account for enhanced security. Therefore, whenever you forget your password it can help you reset it with OTP ( one time password) . To add mobile phone number Go to Account Setting> mobile number >  and add cell phone number

Prefer Secure Browsing.

Since there are all types of vulnerabilities exist in the operating systems, devices and applications, it is important you always access your Facebook account from browser that is fully secure. You may want to know which browser is secure? it is the one that is fully patched up and updated with latest version. Keep application integrated with facebook account at minimum level. You can check and manage unrelated devices from facebook setting by following these steps Settings>open Security> follow recognized devices>check all these devices>confirm identity and remove unrelated devices> save all changes

Make Use of Activate Code Generator and Login Approval Features.

There is new security feature provided by facebook that is related to login approval. It asks for new security pin every time you try to login your account. If you want to activate this feature you will need to go to Settings> Security>Login approval>Edit Link> checkout box to activate approval> save all changes. While going through these settings , Facebook will ask you to confirm your mobile phone with OTP while will generate a code as well. In case you cannot find this option in the account, you must check if under security tab code generator option is not enabled.

Avoid Phishing Emails and Links.

Most of hacking attempts are made through phishing email or links that are sent to victims once clicked may help hacker to take over on your system. Always be careful on opening the links/URL sent to through messages or web pages.  Many hackers create fake facebook pages that look like exactly the real one. Always make sure you are entering your user name and password on real genuine website link.

Update Privacy Settings.

You can ensure security and privacy settings through security management options in the facebook. One of these is setting up login alerts. These login alerts are shown as a notification in the facebook or even text messages and emails. It will warn you whenever someone login to your account through unrecognized device.  You can activate this alert by Go to settings>security>activate Login alerts>choose mode of notification With all above discussed options you will definitely be able to make your facebook account more secure. All of these options will make it very hard for hackers to get your account. At Whitehats , we offer Antivirus home it support Dubai, therefore if you need any help regarding computer virus infection you can hire our virus protection service.

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