What to Expect From Apple on September 2018 Event?
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Everything you may Expect at Apple`s Sep, 2018 Event.

iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, Watch ,iPad Pros, Macs & more

Every one of you might already know that Apple season kicks off this week. On 12 September we can expect to see few new Apple products like new iPhone, new and bigger Apple Watch series 4, New iPad pros, New Macs and Wireless charging ( AirPower) that was announced last year. Education for all has been an important part of the sustainable development agenda. Distance education could possibly be in a position to help to save pupils a appreciable amount financially by taking the amount of transportation. It's been a cheaper type of instruction, and can sometimes save students a substantial quantity of cash as opposed to conventional education and quality essay help. Additionally, it may provide a broader method of communicating within the domain of instruction. In addition, it may be able to save students from the financial burden of expensive course textbooks. Education doesn't need to be an exclusion. Although it is not meant to simply bolster convention as in the first account of schooling, education is also not meant to undermine convention. In our competitive society it's essential for students to not just receive a fantastic education, yet to work with somebody who's conscious of and sensitive to their particular requirements. Although Apple never comments on the new releases, the new rumors are already circulating, for example, there will 3 iPhone releases, among them, iPhone XS  with upgraded processors and camera and a plus-sized version iPhone XS Max that will feature a 6.5-inch display ( largest screen Apple has used so far). In addition to that company is also expected to release a less expensive version that will be named as “iPhone XR” with 6.1 inch LCD screen. According to reports, Apple will also introduce a redesigned Apple Watch at the Apple`s September 12 event at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, California. You might be interested in our earlier blog post “ Major Apple IPhone, Watch & IPad Updates- Every Thing you need to Know”. Here we have collected all the reports to let our readers know, what new Apple products they can expect tomorrow.

New iPhones.

Apple has always announced its new iPhone release in September every year since 2012. This year Apple is expected repeat this tradition with three new totally new models based on x design. That means it will have no home button and equipped with Face ID. Here is what iPhone models we can expect.
  • iPhone XS . The upgraded version of last year`s flagship iPhone, that is rumored to be named as iPhone X , will likely to offer better performance, improved cameras and battery life. It is expected that it will have same 5.8 inch OLED screen. The expected price could start at $ 899.
  • iPhone XS Max. New rumors and reports suggest that Apple has developed a larger, 6.5-inch version of iPhone X that will be possibly called the iPhone XS Max. it may have three rear cameras and may include Apple pencil support to compete Samsung Galaxy Note Phone. The price will start somewhere $999 Plus.
  • iPhone XR It is expected to be the less expensive iPhone version that will have 6.1-inch variations ad may feature an LCD screen and a read camera.it will have an aluminum body. iPhone XR price may start from $699.
In addition to this trio, there are reports of Apple may reveal iPhone SE the most affordable option since 2016.  It will have same A10 processor used in iPhone7 with a 4-inch screen. That price of this phone may start from $349.
  • Apple Watch 4.

With Google and Samsung offering tough competition in the smartwatch market, Apple is expected to announce Apple Watch 4 that will shake things up. It is expected that the new version will be released with the biggest changes since 2014. It may include a bigger display, high-resolution display and click free buttons. We also know that Apple will debut WatchOS 5 that was revised at WWDC developer`s conference. It was included features for fitness improvements, an instant watch to watch walkie-talkie mode and support for Podcasts.
  • New iPad Pro.

The Apple`s latest iPad with Pencil support and faster processor narrowed the gap between features, functionalities and entry-level tablets. It is expected that the company will try to justify pro version premium pricing with a major redesign inspiration by iPhone Xs design by shrinking the bezels, dropping the home button and adding  Face ID t it.
  • New Macs and MacBooks

A new 13- inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro were released a couple of months ago.  The company was accused by many of its fans that it's neglecting its Mac line up. Many of Macs versions like MacBook Air remained unchanged for long. Here is what we can expect with the new release.
  • The long-rumored new MacBook Air that will be featuring retina display will now be released.
  • New iMacs with Intel`s eight generation processors may be unveiled,
  • We may also see a new Mac Mini, that will possibly be targeted for Pro users after a long wait of design changes since 2014.

Everything else we may see from Apple.

AirPods.    Rumors suggest that we can expect that AirPods will be added with wireless charging accessories and few software improvements previously announced. IOS 12.     As the Public beta was launched in June, We may expect that Apple will follow its normal schedule and release full version alongside new iPhone version on this event. AirPower.   It was announced last year; however, there was no mention of it very recently. We might finally see this Apple wireless charging pad release on this event. At Whitehats Support, We offer all support for all types of Mac devices in Dubai, you can choose our IT support for Apple Mac Device Package to get it fixed at your home.

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