YouWhatsapp download and installation Tips
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How to Download and Install YoWhatsApp APK?

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WhatsApp is one of the most popular mobile applications that is used to exchange messages from around the world. Without a doubt almost everyone has it installed on their smartphones. Users spend many hours talking to each other through text and voice calls through Whatsapp.  Although loaded with amazing features Whatsapp has few restrictions on ways you can utilize different options.

By removing these restrictions, you can enjoy much more than you can imagine. There are a few apps that are not only very easy to install but loaded with a number of different features that are loved by every user. We are talking about the modified version of whatsapp known as YoWhatsapp. With the latest version of YoWhatsapp, you can enjoy unique features that are not available in regular and official version.  
  • What is Yo Whatsapp?

Many developers build modified versions of already popular applications that offer users enhanced features and capabilities.  Similarly, YoWhatsApp is one of the applications that is a modified version of Whatsapp developed by a third party programmer. It offers few amazing new features that made it popular among Whatsapp users.
  • Features of Yo WhatsApp.

As discussed earlier that YoWhatsapp apk comes with a number of different benefits where some of these best features include hiding the second ticks, change themes and much more. Here we are going to list out several features of YoWhatsApp.
  • Unlimited Themes. One of the most favorite features of Yowhatsapp Apk that comes with unlimited themes that can be used to change layout whenever you want for an unlimited number of times.
  • Privacy Options. The Latest versions of Yowhats app provide an option to hide your online status. The same option is available in the official version, but with this modified app you can also hide blue ticks, hide the double ticks and status.
  • App Lock. Another favorite option that is available with Yowhatsapp is AppLock that allows users to keep their chats through the pattern, pin, password or fingerprint. protection.
  • Call Filter. With the help of Yo whatsapp , you can control who will make you call and who cannot. Therefore, if anyone is disturbing you by calling, you can simply block them from calling.
  • Image Sharing. With this modified app, you can share images with your contact list. You might think that image sharing is already available in whatsapp as well. However, there is a huge difference in image quality because the images sent through Yo whatsapp are not compressed letting you enjoy full resolution images.
  • How to download install Yowhatapp?

The installation of YoWhatsapp (one of the most popular modified version) pretty easy and similar to the original version of whatsapp. You must remember that the installation of YoWhatsapp requires Android operating system v4.4.2 Jellybean or above. As it is third party application, your system might not let it run and may generate warning message asking to allow this app to run. First of all, u must allow the system to run unidentified resource under protection choices through the option “Allow establishing up applications” with unknown resources.  You can download latest Yowhatsapp version 7.60 from the developer Yousuf Al Basha`s official website. After downloading the file you must double click and run the setup. Click next until the setup is complete. Just ignore any warning message that might pop up during the whole process.  

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