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Do Apple Macs Need Antivirus Software?

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Most of Macs operating systems like OS X the Operating System by Apple designed specifically the Apple devices is considered as one of the best and stands in competition with Windows. It is assumed by many that Macs which run on latest operating system like Mac OS X have a very fair shield against any or all kinds of threatening malware from the internet, and thus has no need to be protected by any internet security software. Is that really true though? Do Macs really not need any antiviruses? We’re here to assist you in finding that out.  

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Is Mac really secure?

Macs OS versions are nevertheless much safer than the conventional computers running on Windows, however this fact alone does not prove them completely immune to fight any viruses or threats they encounter. The operating system being sandboxed is way more difficult to be cracked, but cannot be declared as completely in-hack able or secure and thus still stands on the risk of being broken in to.  As companies tend to adopt Macs specifically for the reason of a more secure operating system, especially the high profile companies - hackers have also turned their attention towards Macs which means that Widows are becoming comparatively safer now while more Mac-targeting malware is surfacing around.

While most of the devices are not very secure against emerging new types of viruses and malwares like Ransomware. It is always a good idea to get your PC health checked from Mac IT support experts. At Whitehats Support, we offer complete health check for your Mac or PC at convenience of your home in Dubai, UAE

Why Mac Needs Anti-Virus?

The operating system of Mac is based on Unix, which has executable code stored in it and data is also stored in separated folders which provides a great number of security options which are built-in, and the data stored is thus much more protected. Gatekeeper ad X Protect are examples of this. These software hold the responsibility of blocking any app which has not been provided by Apple, ad also scanning the downloads for any recognized malware or potential threats. However, the weak point lies in the fact that these applications despite the functions they are performing, do not provide any protection against the software provided by third party which makes the system vulnerable to the potential threats and surfacing malwares on the World Wide Web (WWW)

How to Protect your Mac?

Despite being generally a very safe operating system, Mac OS is still not very much immune to the threats and thus security measures must be adopted to prevent any mishaps.
  • Users must use the Mac App Store for installing applications. It must be ensured that the software being used is a legitimate one, and there is no malware in disguise.
  • Any suspicious looking links or pop-ups must be avoided, even unrecognised emails or messages which are apparently suspicious must also be avoided.
  • No exchange of unsafe devices or USBs should be practised to avoid the exchange of malwares in to your system.
  • A non-administrator user account shall be used generally. Since administrator accounts usually have access to almost all functions, if a security breach is performed on that account, there is greater probability of damage being done to the Mac and its contents.
  • Disabling all connectivity features when not being used such as Bluetooth cuts off the chances of hackers breaking in to the Mac.
  • Commonly targeted plugins in browsers should be avoided or preferably removed, like Java and Flash.
  • Avoiding the use of file sharing applications which are unsafe also prevents the entry of any potential threats or malware.

Do you need Mac antivirus? Or want to fix any underlying problem in your Apple Mac computer or mobile device. You can contact Whitehats Support for complete home it support service in Dubai. Our Package IT Support for Apple Mac Device is the right choice for anyone looking to resolve the problems with Mac. mavi su cialis

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