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Can you Recover Data from USB drive?

Either you are businessman, student or professionals; USB drive is one of the most common devices that are used by almost every one to store data. But you may not be aware of the fact that USB drive is not very reliable form of data storage, it may corrupt any time, stop working resulting in loss of your important data. If you use USB drive on multiple computers at various places then it may easily become infected with the viruses. The result will be same, you will no longer be able to access your data. Although there may be around many ways to deal with USB viruses but one thing is for sure it will put you in trouble and will waste time as well.

At Whitehats Support, we suggest people to use personal cloud storage and keep their backup there to ensure reliability. It is easier, cost effective and reliable way to keep yourself out of trouble.

Let us come back to the main discussion, either its USB or any other removable media, the problem of data lost is nearly same. Many people contact us to ask whether we can help them with the data recovery from removable drives. The short answer is yes we can. Whitehats Support is expertise in data recovery in Dubai from all types of hard drives, SSB, memory cards, USB and removable storage and any other storage device.
  • USB drive data recovery.

The process of data recovery from USB drive involves almost similar process as recovering data from standard hard drive. With the help of specialized tool we can analyze the raw data that is contained on the drive to see if it can be recovered.
A typical USB drive is made up of the NAND chip that is used to store data. Physical reading and writing of the data is performed by device controller.  The real complexity comes with the fact that each of manufacturer. We can help with all types of data recovery.
  • Accidentally Deleted Files. You have accidently deleted a file and later realized it was important. We certainly have collection of few most advanced recovery tools that will help us deal with your request.
  • Accidentally Formatted Removable drives. It happens very frequently too. We hit format instead of some things else and only to realize all of our data is gone before our eyes. At Whitehats Support, we can help with it as well, the same way accidently deleted files are recovered.
  • Data Corruption. Data on the drive is delicate and can be damaged and become useless due to many reasons. Anything make your USB drive corrupt like power surges, static electricity, malware, bugs and other kind of damages. Whatever it may be we can help you with this as well.
But First Help us to help you. Perhaps it is most important, while in most cases you need the our help to recover data in dubai, we want you to be aware of the fact that if you have accidently lost your data. The first thing you should do is to stop using it immediately. Lost data can only be recovered if it has not yet been over written.
It requires specialized tools to reliably recover data and very few tools can completely repair the corrupt device controllers. Therefore, we don’t suggest you to try downloading few the tools available on the internet for free and try recovering data yourself. Perhaps it may give more damage to your device. You should contact and ask us for our data recovery service in dubai. Another mistake that many users do is try removing it while it is being used or connected on computer that may also cause problem.

At Whitehats Support, we are experts in data recovery in Dubai, including USBs and other type of removable devices. So if you need professional help you can choose our data recovery service in Dubai. In addition to data recovery in Dubai , can also help you setup personal cloud storage in dubai that will help you to store on copy of data in the cloud for improved reliability. Contact us today and discuss your data storage need. mavi su cialis

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