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Tips for Data Recovery from External Hard Drive.

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Do you use the external hard drive to store your data? Then like any other hardware component, it may stop working sooner or later. But unlike other hardware devices or components, your hardware is more important as it is loaded with important personal and business data.Before we provide you tips for data recovery , lets have a look on how we deal with this issue.
At Whitehats support, we always recommend our customers to keep multiple data backups preferably one on external/internal hardware and one on cloud storage. However, most of the time we don’t follow such instructions, and any external or internal hardware failure put our important data at risk.  If you face the same problem and then we can advise you not worry, not everything is lost. There are still many ways to recover your data from failing external or internal hard drive.
Our data recovery Dubai service is designed specifically for the people who need professional help regarding data recovery. As your external hard drive is easily accessible,
I am sharing few tips to help yourself to get it recovered without calling IT support service.
Please note that these tips are for the external drives that are out of warranty now and you don’t have any recovery contract either.

Falling Bridges.

All external hard drives that you connect to PC through USB comes with bridge board to handle communications between your computer and USB. Most of the time this bridge board that has firewire and thunderbolt inside it fails while drive remains perfectly working. While in some case it may be difficult for you to disassemble hard drive enclosure if it has third-party Kingwin 2.5-inch drive enclosure then you can do it easily.  The first thing you need to check is whether the drive is still working? To do it you will need to remove it from its enclosure and connect it with SATA controller of a desktop PC or if possible the spare 2.5 inch bay of a laptop if it has one. If you want to connect it externally, you will need to buy a new enclosure and use it in that.

Connecting it to Desktop Computer.

While with most of the third party and other 3.5 inches hard drive enclosures, you will just need to remove a few screws to open the case and after little more effort, you can detach hard drive from it. At worst you may need to remove few rubbers to reveal the screws. If your enclosure is 2.5 inch then you may need to remove glued plastic pieces. If you still feeling it hard, you can search internet or YouTube for instruction in opening it.  If no luck, we will advise you to don’t try to open it too hard as it might damage the hard drive inside and get professional help or call us and data recovery dubai service. Only person who has some experience in dealing with such hard drives can do it easily. Once you have removed the enclosure and you will need to attach it will PC.  For this purpose you will need SATA cable, such cables are easily available from computer shops everywhere. Open the desktop PC case, attach the SATA cable to free SATA port, there is almost always a spare SATA cable available that is coming from the power supply. You can easily find it; connect the cable to it and another side with the drive. Turn on your PC and if it detects the drive, it should make some noise or spinning and will appear in explorer/my computer as well. Now first thing is to copy your data to your computer.
If you cannot access your hard drive this way then its time get professional help. At Whitehats support, we help people with all types of data recovery from their computers, laptops and hard drives. Our data recovery Dubai service will be suitable for you for all such problems. mavi su cialis

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