6 PC Problems that you might not even know you have. -
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6 PC Problems that you might not even know you have.

Nowadays, almost everyone owns or use a computer and many of its common problem that are not big but cannot be resolved easily by common users. Therefore IT service in Dubai can help you with getting full PC health check to identify underlying problems that your computer might have and in most cases can resolve its within one hour time.Getting help from IT support is important for you because your pc may have a number of problems that may go undetected or unnoticed by you, however, can become a problem later. Here is a list of few problems that you may not even know your computer has.


Although, most of the viruses create problems in your computer by corrupting or multiplying their files making it unusable. It sometimes remains hidden from your eyes and even antivirus, performing its functions that may include recording and sending out your information to remote hackers.  If your computer is infected with virus then, in case you use with that computer may also become infected resulting in the spread of that virus to other computers.


Malware is another form of computer virus that can not only corrupt your computer but can even make it more vulnerable to unauthorized third-party access. A most common damaging form of malware today is ransomware where all your computer files are encrypted making it unusable for you until you pay some money to its creators through the internet. In other forms, your computer may occasionally show you advertisements that even hijack your web browsers setting.

Device Conflicts.

Sometimes your computer may get slow and doesn’t show internet connectivity. This may include some non-working devices on your computer. This is not due to hardware failure but device conflicts or IP address conflict. This problem can be resolved quickly by removing the conflict between devices that will make your device work smoothly again.

Operating System and Security updates.

Another important thing that you may ignore is security update that is released by the vendors. Remember without these security updates your computer may remain vulnerable to a number of problems. These updates can be an operating system, software, driver updates. Sometimes you have to download and install these updates manually. By getting help from IT support in Dubai, you can make sure you are not only protected against these security threats, but your computer is more reliable than before.  Home IT service in Dubai can perform PC health check to make sure your computer has latest security updates.

Failing Hardware.

In some cases, failing hardware makes different sounds that can help It support technicians to detect any failing hardware. For Example, some particular kind of noise from your computer`s hardware may be a sign that it's going to corrupt anytime sooner. IT  support services are experienced to not only detect failing hardwires before its too late but in many cases can provide assistance to keep hardware working for a longer period by repairing underlying problems.

Unusual messages or programs that start automatically.

There are few warning signs on your pc that you should be aware of.  If you find any of them you must pay closer look and attention while findings the cause.
  • Is there any program on your PC that is opening and closing automatically?
  • Your Windows operating system is shutting down with reason or warning?
  • Is there any window opening/closing during boot up process?
  • There is a warning that you have lost access to one or more drivers.
  Although the root cause of this problem may be technical, it could ultimately be a sign that malware has compromised your system. If this is the case, you may lose access to some of the files on your computer. It may also be the indication that your computer has got some serious problems and you should be prepared for the worst.  You may need to reinstall the operating system by formatting the hard drive.    

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