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How to Boost Windows 10 PC Speed for Free?

One of the most common complaints by Microsoft Windows 10 users is that their PC is running slow perhaps annoyingly slow.  Although one simple solution can be to add ram or buy faster SSD, but that will cost lot of money. Fortunately, there is a lot that can do it improve the performance of your windows 10 PC and all that without any costs.  However, in some cases you should consult with computer support service to get help to resolve your problem. Remember, there is always a reason behind it, it may your favorite program that is bogging things down, or it may be any other hardware or software related issue.  Better speed also means less battery life in case of the laptop.
  • Reboot your Windows 10 PC.

One of the easiest and obvious solutions for a slow PC is rebooting. However, people usually forget it. Putting your Windows 10 PC to sleep, hibernation setting will save power but until you fully reboot it would not clear cobwebs in the operating system. So give it a fresh start every day and whenever you feel it is getting slow.
  • Turn on PC High Performance.

By default, windows assume that you like an energy efficient computer, therefore, it comes with setting for energy saving that sometimes reduce the performance of PC. However, you can change it and trade reduced energy consumption for speed. This can be done by right click on start menu go to power options.  Within it you will see control panel windows, By pulling it down you will be able to see additional plans option.   When opened you should select high performance.
  • Change Appearance Options.

Windows want to make the desktop screen as an appearance as attractive as possible. However, this aesthetics side of appurtenance may contribute to poor PC performance due to exceeding in use of resources. If you can sacrifice its appearance then your operating system may gain some speed. Right click on start button and select system and select system, it will open the control panel on window`s left side pane, you must select advanced systems settings. It will open up system properties wherein advanced tab you must click the setting button in performance box.  Within first three setting buttons and adjust appearance for the best performance.  

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  • Remove unneeded Autoloaders.

There is bundle of programs that want to load automatically every time you boot your PC. Each of them slows down the booting process and few even continue to slow it down even after the PC is turned on. Not all of them are bad for example Antivirus should always be updated automatically while loading during windows restarts.  However, few programs those are good but do not need to run all the times. You can found all these programs in Task Manager. To access it right click on the taskbar and select Task Manager. Click on more details in the lower left corner. In this section you will see all the programs that autoload, you must examine the list of all these programs, stop unnecessary programs from startup. In case you are unsure about any programs get help from a search engine.
  • Manage hog Processes

Sometimes different processes that are poorly written result in slowing down the computer due to excessive usage of computing resources.  In order to find out which process is taking over the computer resources, you should right click on the taskbar and select task manager. In Case you don’t see any tabs at the top of windows there you should click on more details. In this list of processes, click on CPU column header and locate how much each processes using. Not all processes are hog processes, try learning about each process and end the hog processes there.
  • Turn off Windows Search indexing

Within Windows 10 whenever you search any files, the search results almost immediately shows up. It`s quick and efficient but it’s at a price. Even when you are not searching, the indexing is needed to create these search patterns. This results in the use of computing resources that may slow down your computer. Therefore you may turn off all indexing by following these steps,.
  • Open Windows Explorer, right click on drive C and go to properties.
  • Locate General Tab, uncheck allow files on drives to have content indexing services.
  • Save changes and exit.
Remember, your computer may take sometimes to turn off all indexing services.  
  • Turn off Windows tips

While you use windows 10, it occasionally shows you different tips on how you can improve your user experience. However, problem is that in order to give suggestions it keep tracking the usage the way the computer is used.  This continuous process creates extra overhead on computing resources and it may make your computer sluggish.  For many users who know to use computers, this features mostly remains unused. You can turn it off to free up computer resources. You can turn it off by clicking start and going into settings then the select system, with notifications & Actions in the left side pane uncheck the turn off getting tips, tricks, and suggestions as you use windows.  

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