8 Tips To Protect your Privacy Online.
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8 Tips To Protect Your Privacy Online.

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Cyber-attacks are becoming so prevalent that even ordinary internet users are not immune. Identify theft online and related losses are touching to new heights. In addition to that growing ransomware attacks has put personal privacy at risk.  However, by following few simple tips and best practices, internet users can significantly reduce the chances of their personal data being compromised.
Here few best practices that will help you to stay safe online. Most of these best practices are easy to use and you can implement them without the help of computer support services.

Privacy on the Internet is one of the biggest problems in Digital Age".

 1.Stay Updated.

One of the most important and basic things you can do to protect your online privacy is that you can keep your computer stay updated all the times. Don’t forget to turn automatic update feature in your Operating system on. Or if not regularly check manually for updates. Microsoft often releases security patches that are exploited by hackers. Making sure your computer updates is essential for online privacy protection.

Do you know? Approximately 15 million USA residents had their identities theft and used each year fraudulently with a total loss of 50$ billion.

2.Privacy Settings.

You must always make use of privacy settings to protect your privacy online. Either you are using the browser, Facebook, Gmail, or Yahoo all provide you facility to set the level of privacy yourself. You can set a higher level of privacy by going into setting menu option. By setting up privacy, your information will be less viewable and searchable on the internet that is an important step towards protection online.

3.Block Cookies.

Cookies are a tiny piece of data that is stored on your computer, meant to track your usage of internet. However, these can be the target of hackers and sometimes used to record your personal information. You may block these cookies easily by going into web browser setting. Although it may create few problems for your usage of the internet it Is always good to stay protected rather than being the target of hackers.

4.Unlink Gmail Account.

Many websites online are giving users an option to link their Gmail account to access their website. Although this is an effort to make login easier for users to remember while allowing them to access the website with the same combination of username and password it certainly increases the risk of being compromised. You should avoid doing it. Opt not link your Google account with different websites because you can never be sure whether these websites are secure enough to provide your credential if your Gmail account gets hacked you are allowing them to access to almost every website.

5.USE Antivirus + Malware.

Antivirus is essential to protect your security online. Never forget to install it and keep it enabled and updated with latest patches. Even if in some cases your antivirus fails to stop virus it will keep the damage limited and will still allow you to access your website. It is better you spend some bucks and install a professional version of Antivirus, but in case you can't, you can get one free easily. Almost every well-known antivirus is available free for home users. You must make use of them. In addition to that, you should also use antimalware utility for added security. Antimalware utilities are slightly different and protect your computer from malware getting installed on your computer. These are also free versions available for home users. If you are still confused how to do it you should call it support in dubai for help

6.Enable Firewall Service.

You must in all cases use a secure wireless network connection to use the internet.  Public Wi-Fi except few are highly unprotected.  Even if you don’t have any other option but to use Public Wi-Fi, you must make sure not visit any website likes online banking or performs any transactions on the e-commerce based website. In addition to that, you must enable firewall application in your Operating system. This Firewall monitor and controls your incoming and outgoing Internet traffic providing ultimate security to your privacy. if you are confused about how to enable firewall services you can get help from the internet search or contact it services Dubai for assistance.

7. Use Strong Passwords.

One of most common, logical and easier thing to protect your privacy is to use strong passwords, but users often ignore it. Your username, passwords both have critical importance to keep your account protected online. Almost every website uses a password. However, people tend to become lazy in creating strong and good passwords or using same passwords over and over again for a different site. If somehow its get stolen from one website, hackers get access to almost all website that was used by them.
Remember for good protection You must use a password of eight characters or more with mixed numbers, characters, upper and lower cases. It may be little difficult to remember initially, but you will become used to it after you use it few times. To make things easier for you, download password manager like SPLASH ID. That can be downloaded for free from the internet.

8. Better Browsing Behavior.

You should not forget to delete cookies on a regular basis. For Chrome users you can do so by getting in chrome browser menu and then click Clear browsing data). If you are not using your Facebook or any other social media accounts you should sure to log out of it. You must not keep them open in a web browser without being used. Most advanced users can even take next step to protect their privacy by using a browser such as TOR that is VPN embedded application to route your IP communication privately.  By using it, you are routing all your data through a proxy server, so your intellectual property and data are protected.

If you feel you don’t have the adequate level of security on your PC or don’t have a firewall, Antivirus or Antimalware installed, then you can contact computer support service in Dubai for help.    

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