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Apple IOS 11, What’s New?

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With the recent release of IOS 11 update, it has now the ability to turn your Apple device into a most powerful machine that is loaded with hundreds of great features. While it may not be possible for you quickly learn to use all of them, we are discussing few of the most exciting new features that will make you to get this update asap. All people who have Apple iPhone 5S or above, IPAD, pro mini 3 or above can get this update.
If you are facing any problem related to your Mac devices or updates then you should get help from profession Apple Mac support service for assistance. Let`s have a look what IOS  11 has to offer?

Customizing Control Center. 

With this updated version Apple has redesigned the control center, making every element to fit into one page so that you don’t have to swipe around. This also means, it does not have some shortcuts that the previous version had. Now you will have to deep press on network icon to access AirDrop and personal hotspot. While to access Night shift and more you will need to press brightness indicator for time. In addition to that this new control center panel also allows you to add custom icons of your choice.

 Emergency Mode.

In IOS 11, you can activate emergency mode by pressing sleep/wake button five times. This will help you to disable touch ID, Face ID so in case of an emergency nobody can force you to unlock your phone. This screen also allows you to call emergency services.

Effortless Sharing of Wi-Fi Password.

Sometimes Wi-Fi passwords at your friend's place are too complicated that you did not join Wi-Fi network due to it.  With ISO 11 if another IOS device makes an attempt to connect to same Wi-Fi network, it will show this in a popup so you will be able to share the password with that device effortlessly.

Record your screen on your device.

This feature is especially attractive for developers. It allows adding a customized shortcut to control center so that you can record your screen.  When activated everything you do will start recording as movie file saved into your photo library.

Don’t Disturb While Driving.

The New IOS can sense that you are driving if connected to the car using Bluetooth it can automatically turn on don’t disturb mode. While in this mode, IOS will silence so you can stay focused on the road. Interestingly if you are not connected to Bluetooth, IOS auto detector will find you are driving through your location and accelerometer.

Scan QR Codes.

With IOS 11, when you point your Apple device camera at QR code, it can detect it and read it. How helpful this feature can be is clearly understood by people who use Wechat.


With this revolutionary new feature, you can now scan documents through IPad, while it also tries to index your own handwriting so it becomes easier for you to search documents later.

Animated Emoji.

IOS 11 comes with interesting new sensing technology, where Emoji can mimic your facial expressions. It uses the same sensors as Power Face ID.  It also allows you to send these to your family and friends with a single click inside iMessage.

 And what to expect in most recent major IOS 11.2 Update?

The IOS 11.2 update is loaded with few highly anticipated features that include Apple Pay Cash, Fast Wireless Charging Support and several bugs fixed.

Apple Pay Cash.  

These features allow users to send and receive money with Apple Pay in the messaging app. You can also use Siri to conduct Apple Pay Cash transactions while your money will be stored in your Apple Cash card in Wallet App. You can use this money whenever you want. There are no charges for sending payments from Debit cards however if you want to send money through credit card then standard 3% fee on the total amount will be applicable.

Fast Wireless Charging.

This recent update comes with faster 7.5W Qi Wireless charging that will benefit to the iPhone 8 and iPhone X users. If you have a charger that supports 7.5w or higher then you can charge your device faster than ever before.  

In addition to above features, IOS 11.2 update has also a number of bugs fixed. For example, IOS keyboard problem that automatically changes “it” into I.T, a problem that prevented fast number typing in calculator app, auto rechecking of new mail unnecessarily and the opening of setting app as a blank screen etc.

If you want to get this update you can click on this link and follow the instructions.  

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