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Android Ransomware -How to Protect your Mobile Device?

Many people don’t know that Ransomware is not just a PC phenomenon. With Android operating system becoming the most commonly used operating system for mobile devices, a ransomware that is specifically targeted for phone and tablets is on rising. Keeping importance of this issue in mind we are going to discuss all about ransomware and how it affects Android users.
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What is ransomware and how does it work? Ransomware is considered to the biggest threat as it is malicious software comes in different types and forms causing considerable damages to the home and business users alike. There are two main types of android and computer-based ransomware.
  • Crypto Ransomware. This type of malware has the capability to take over your device, encrypts files and prevents you from accessing them. It is the most common type of ransomware attacks on computers.
  • Locker Ransomware. It simply denies your access to the device by making the user unable to access user interface) instead of encrypting your files. It is the most common type of attacks on mobile devices.
Now a day another type of ransomware is emerging, this is right now found in computer systems but as Android mobiles can also be used to mine cryptocurrencies, we may soon see their infections in mobile devices as well. Unlike other ransomware, these types of ransomware simply use your mobile for crypto mining.  So Like computers, your mobile phone can also be infected with ransomware but how it gets into your mobile phone?  Let`s have a look.

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How does ransomware gets in to my phone?

Same as ransomware infects your computers, Android-based ransomware also gets into your mobile phone through social engineering tactics. Social engineering is the use of your behavior, or less knowledge to exploit any weakness into the computers and mobile systems. For example, it may be a way of getting your password through faking into something believing you're genuinely helping them in some matter of their interests.  The most common way for ransomware is to trick users to click on a link and download infected files on the mobile devices. These links are most commonly sent through SMS, Social media or chat software like Whatsapp.

What do I do if my Android device gets infected with ransomware?

Many research reports shows, the mobile ransomware is on the rise, that`s why it is important that you know how to remove it. There might be many ways to get rid of Andriod ransomware, one of this is simply booting mobile device into booting Safe Mode.

Remove Infected Apps from Safe Mode.

Step-1.  Hold your device`s Power button.
Step-2.  Press the “Power off” button and completely turn off your device.
Step-3.  Now turn the phone on but press and hold the power button with volume up and down buttons simultaneously.
Step-4. You will see the words “Safe Mode” on the screen.
Step-5. Once in Safe mode, go to settings and applications, from here open Manage applications and choose applications you want to uninstall.
You must remember that different Android devices may boot in safe mode with slightly different methods and some may very simple to boot from safe mode.  It is a good idea to disallow non official app installation, here you must go to settings> security and uncheck apps from unknown source tab. So you have removed affected apps, but it does not necessarily work every time.

What if removing apps with safe Mode doesn’t work?

If you are not able to get rid of ransomware by removing the app with safe mode then you must try resetting your Andriod device back to factory settings. Just remember, factory reset always means all your data in the device will be erased so you must always consider backing it up before resetting it.

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