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8 Computer Repair Myths Busted

While we are extensively using computers in our daily lives, many people have over time developed many myths that are far from truth or reality.  Where few of them were true, the technology advancements have made them irrelevant. At Whitehats Support. We commonly hear many such things from our customers; therefore we have decided to bust all computer repair myths so our customers know which one is true and which one is not.

Myth-1 A slow computer always need new operating system.

A very common thought that our customers gets is a slow computer this will always need new windows operating system installation. However, it is not always the case, the computer may slow down due to many reasons like low hard drive disk space, viruses or malwares, unwanted software that may use resources of your computer. If our home IT support team finds out your computer is running slower, the reformatting the hard drive and reinstallation of windows will be the last thing we do.

If you have a slow computer, then you may choose our onsite IT support visit Package, that will involve troubleshooting and fixing any underlying computer problems in your computer.

Myth-2 Macs don’t get viruses”.

Many people believe that only windows get viruses, while Mac and other IOS devices are completely secure and immune to it. This is another big myth, Although Mac is more secure as it is based on Unix that is considered very secure as compared to windows. However there are range of malware and viruses that are developed specifically for Mac operating system and can cause quite a lot damage as well. In addition to that many browser based Trojans, viruses exploits, phishing and social engineering can all affect Mac users.

If you need any help regarding troubleshooting your Mac computers then you can choose IT support for 1 Apple /Mac Device that will cover most of apple mac problems and issues.

Myth-3 Windows Firewall is enough to keep you safe”.

We commonly hear that if you have windows 8.1 or windows 10, then firewall that are provided by the Microsoft is all you need to secure your computer. However, the reality is although firewall is better than ever but it is still not enough to provide your full security against all types of threats online. A complete solution should be based on firewall, antivirus and antimalware software if you want to avoid trouble.

At Whitehats support, we provide complete range of Antivirus solutions to our customers. If you want to protect your computer you can contact us and request it support visit where our IT support engineer will visit your place and will install antivirus and other antimalware utilities to secure your computer.

Myth-4  Windows Defender is the best because it is built into Windows”.

We heard many Windows operating system users as saying that since, Windows Defender comes built in with operating system it is enough to protect against all types of viruses and malwares. Although it is good to be used and provide good protection but it still fall short of third party antivirus and antimalware operating system. Therefore you will always need third party antivirus solutions to provide adequate protection to your computer

Myth-5  Windows crashing is memory problem”.

Windows Crashing is very common problem for computer users, many believe it is due to broken or less memory that will need to replace or increase as per requirements. The truth is it has little to with memory. There might be several reasons for such errors and crash, only one or two may be associated with memory problem. This can be result f misconfiguration, windows error, software update problem and few other things. Hardware are usually less responsible for such problems.

Myth-6 Drain your laptop battery to get a longer life.

A very common myth that you will hear from laptop users, that you have drain the battery completely while using otherwise it will not charge or last longer. The reality is it lithium ion batteries that we commonly found with laptops today has no such issues, in fact opposite to it is considered true as if you completely drain such battery , it is believed to be creating chemical resistance to the charging that may degrades the operations.

Myth-7 Use a magnet to wipe hard drives before selling them.

Many People believe that they simply need a magnet to securely wipe up the data on hard drive before selling them to someone else. This is not true because it does not work. Back in the days of floppy drive, we could do this trick to wipe out data and it worked as well. However, with hard drive it does not work at all. If you need to wipe off data from hard drive you will need special software that will over write whole memory sectors multiple times, nothing else going to work.

Myth- 8 Using browser private mode means I’m completely safe online.

Since, Google Chrome offers incognito mode many people believe while using it they will remain safe online and no virus will affect their computer. It is completely untrue. Such private browsing only stop cookies or collection of data online. As a result, the website you visit will not be able to track you while you visit them again in few days. It does not save you from hacking or malware or viruses.

At Whitehats support, we offer home it supports service in Dubai where offer flexible packages that perfectly suit your needs. We resolve all computer related issues  our packages are designed to solve your day to day computer problems. You can opt for onsite IT support visit in Dubai and we will fix all the problems related to computer, internet, and mobile devices. mavi su cialis

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