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7 Tips to Keep your Laptop/PC Secure

Either you are a student, professional, businessman, or freelancer, your laptop and mobile might be one of the most valuable assets for you.  Therefore your laptop or computer security should be your primary concern. Just imagine, how you will feel if you lose access to your email account, or lose data that was crucial for your business or study. In case hackers get access to your laptop while you are using it, you may also lose your bank account or credit card details.

Hackers may install key loggers or Trojans into your laptop that can record every keystroke and send it back to them remotely. The Trojan software may also give hackers real time access to your computer; they may see what you are doing without you knowing it. OR if not these Trojan may just destroy your data, damaging your operating system and even hardware causing you enough financial damages and mental strain.

You may think, why anyone will be interested in you, well the truth is there is no exception, hackers go after anyone they think can be hacked, According to “Secure List” at least 35% of computer users will get at least one attempt of hacking in a year. These statistics are not only alarming but worrying for you if you have not taken any measures to secure your laptops from unauthorized access.

Here are few tips to make your laptop/PC more secure.

Install Antivirus Software

One of the first and most important tips is always to install “Antivirus software.”  If you are not using Antivirus in your computer, then it may get infected very easily and may put you unnecessary trouble. There are plenty of free anti-viruses available for non-commercial users; they may protect against most of the viruses. However not every antivirus can provide the same level of protection so don’t forget to check its features and user feedback. If you an entrepreneur then, you may need an extra level of protection, you should seriously consider buying a business edition of Antivirus.

Use Firewall

If you think Antivirus software is enough to protect you against all threats then think again, the fact is many viruses, and Trojan can still get through antiviruses. Therefore you must consider using the firewall as the second line of defense against hackers. The purpose of Firewall is to keep a check on the type of traffic going through your computer from external sources. A windows based firewall can also help, but you be better at using some other versions that can be downloaded from the internet freely. If you are businessmen then you should consider buying both software and hardware based firewall to get full protection against information security threats.

Keep all your Operating System and Software Update

Vendors and software companies regularly keep checking their products for bugs that may allow hackers to get access to your computers. Therefore you should always keep the option of “Automatically update “on your computer to make sure latest patches and software updates install automatically making sure you get maximum protection against all known threats. Alternatively, you may also manually check your system for latest patches and updates periodically.

Always Shutdown your Laptop/PC

You should always fully shut down your laptop/PC. Otherwise, it may still be accessible for hackers increasing its probability of being hacked. Moreover, it may create lots of dump files. These dump files also contain password and lot of other information about your computers that can be the target of hackers to steal information that can be used to escalate user privileges.

Use Strong Passwords

Although everyone known the importance of strong passwords, it’s still a most ignored area that allows hackers to get unauthorized access to your Laptop/PC. You should always use strong password for your laptop/PC. It should not be easily guessable else it may be prone to dictionary attack through brute forcing.

Install Tracking software

You may prefer a laptop because it's easy to carry and can be used while traveling from one place to another, but it makes it more prone to theft. You should install laptop tracking software on your laptop that will help you get it tracked in case you lose it.

Always Keep your Data Backup

At least 40% of users lost their valuable data due to software corruption and hardware failures. You should take your data backup regularly. It will keep your data protected giving you extra piece of mind. There are a number of freeways for file backups. If you are businesses who need excessive storage capacity, you may consider subscribing to cloud-based data backup solutions. mavi su cialis

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