7 things to look for while hiring IT Support Services
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7 Things to Look for While Hiring IT Support Services

Small businesses are usually, short of budget to hire a full-time IT support staff, while most of them don`t have enough IT related work either to keep IT staff busy. Therefore hiring a support company seems to be the only viable option. However, there are hundreds, in fact, thousands of IT support companies are out there, all offering similar services, how you are supposed to decide, which way to go?

Here, are the few most important factors to consider before hiring IT Support Company.

Do they have Experience?

Anyone who is little tech-savvy, can set up a website and start selling IT support online, but simply having this claim will not give you whole picture about their skills and experience. Therefore you must ask them about their experience and get clients testimonials. They must be able to explain how they have helped other clients, and how they will do for you. Ask them how many annual support contracts they currently have and with whom. You may also explore information about the company on social media and see what other customers are saying about them.

Do they Speak Your Language?

You must look for IT Support Company that can explain what they are doing for you without unnecessary jargon. Many IT support companies may try to blind you by using complex terminologies to make some extra bucks. The sign of good support company is they will always be ready to understand you and make an effort to make you understand complexities and nature of work they are doing.

Are they Available when You Need Them?

Response time should be the most important factor as a potential problem with your Computer hardware of software may result in financial damages to your business. Many IT support companies may not be able to respond quickly to your support requests. Therefore you must ask them before hiring. They should be able to give a realistic time frame to getting things fixed.

Does the Company has Physical Address?

You will find many IT support companies on internet that does not have physical address on their websites. This means that is not a registered company, its an individual who is posing as a company, and will hand over your work to the someone else. Be very cautious about it or any other person who is offering services from his home.

Do they Recommend Improvements and Upgrades?

If you are paying to IT support company for their services, they should not limit their services to just making sure your IT systems keep working, but should also suggest you software or hardware improvements to help you get your things done in better way.  For example, they might recommend you to subscribe with cloud backup solutions or install Antivirus/Anti-Trojan software, etc. They should also help you with efficient use of technology helping you gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Pricing is not the Only Factor to Consider.

Although you may always look for bargain deals, everything cheap is not always good. This applies in particular to IT support companies. A small or home based company may offer you services at lower prices but can you expect same level of reliability and assurance from them? Will they be able to respond to your support requires as per your needs?  You should compare what an IT support person may charge on an hourly basis, and you may get an idea how much it may cost you in case your computer system doesn’t work for an extended period. A company that offers its services at the unrealistic price should be avoided.

Do they Understand your Business Needs?

It is important that you hire someone who really understands the nature of your business. They should realize if your computer system is down its costing you money, they can’t turn a blind eye to it. Make sure the support company is ready to put sincere efforts in keep your system start working again as early as possible. They should offer you advice on improving your workflow and saving costs.

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