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6 Warning Signs Your Computer is Going to Crash & What to do?

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Regardless of which brand of computer you use, which operating system is installed on it and how well it is maintained, it may not be working in the same way forever.  One of the fact that every computer user should understand that it is a machine and it may suddenly crash without or very little warning.  Sudden Computer Crash may not only leave you without a computer for many days to come it may also result in personal data loss. However, the computer often shows few warning signs that something is not working as it should be. If you know these warning signs, you may have enough time to respond to the problems that may significantly reduce the loss it may cause. Here, we have discussed few important warning signs that computer show before going to crash.  

The computer is unusually slow.

Although there might be several reasons, your computer could be running slower. One of the most common causes of the slowdown is that you have installed too many software on your computer. Many of such software go unused however,  they consume computer resources such as memory, processor and hard drive leaving less resource for other computer applications. If your computer has very less space left, then your computer will eventually stop working because it requires a certain amount of disk space for the computer to work efficiently.

You Receive Occasional Boot Errors.

Occasional Boot errors are definite signs that your pc is going to crash soon. These boot time errors show there is something wrong with either hardware or operating system installed on your computer. These mistakes can range from difficult complex errors to easily solvable minor problems.  If your computer shows any such warning sign while attempting to start your computer for example device not found, or error caused, etc. then it is time to respond to it without any delay immediately.

Your Hard Drive may become Noisy.

One of most common hardware that crashes in personal computers is hardware. It is because it wears out sooner due to extensive usage over time. However in many cases, your hard drive will show some warning signs like it may create some noise like clicking, buzzing, and grinding sounds.  All these sounds mean it’s time to replace your hard drive and doesn't forget back up your data before it gets too late.

You Experience an Unusual Number of Pop-up Windows.

It`s not just hardware that may be the reason of computer crash, virus, adware, and spyware may also make your computer unusable. You may look for warning sign like the opening of too many popup windows and hijacked web browser. So if it's becoming difficult for you to navigate online and use your computer as windows opening up on its own, then it will ultimately crash, and you will need to recover it.  

Random File or Program Corruption Issues.

Another important Operating system and the software related issue is that over time certain files or software in your computer may become corrupt and it may be difficult to fix it without reinstalling.  There might be some reasons for corruption of programs but without getting into details if you have failing software, unexpected shutdown like due to power failure, viruses, etc. can cause many programs to corrupt.  

Your Computer Frequently Becomes Overheated.

The computer motherboard is a combination of many devices that work collectively and similar to many other hardware products it produces heat while being used. Anyone of you who put the laptop in their lap, leg or belly are well aware of time.  If there is hot weather in your area, then you may need a heat sink to cool your pc down. It is important that it’s not too much hot out there while using the computer. If your computer is not kept cool, then it may crash and result in burnt of your computer device. In addition to that if you are using heavy applications in your computer you must always keep check on it.

How to deal with these warning Signs?

 Although there are many things that you can do to recover your computer from errors sometimes, it may be nearly impossible to prevent computer crash. Following measures will significantly reduce the number of times your computer crashes or may increase the life of your computer.

Perform Regular Maintenance.

Proactive maintenance may save you from a lot of hassle and problems.  The computer just like a car needs maintenance that is often cheaper and less time to consume than full recovery. You must regularly check for updates.

Reduce Memory Usage.  

If you have too many applications running on your computer, then you must reduce it. More applications mean more errors.

Install Antivirus.

In order to prevent your computer from Adware, Spyware, and Adware you must always install Antivirus in it.

Never forget to take Backup.

With all these measures, your computer may still crash however with the proper backup you may not only recover from errors, crashes and data loss but also save your time and money.  
Do you have any of these warning signs in your computer?  Then it’s time to act.  Get your PC full Health Check before it’s too late. Call our customer services at +971 4 33 82 500 and talk to one of our experts.

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