6 Tips to Troubleshoot “Home Internet Connection”. -
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6 Tips to Troubleshoot “Home Internet Connection”.

With more and more smart devices being used at home, the demand to keep your home Internet up and running all the times is becoming the demand of every household. Facing different types of issues with the internet is not uncommon where you may usually need to call network support service for IT support of your home internet connection. Internet connection problems may range from minor connectivity issue to relatively complex hardware malfunctioning issues.
Here are useful tips for home internet connection troubleshooting that will help you to keep your internet connection up and running without the help of IT support service.

Check Internet Status.

The first thing you need to know is whether you are really connected to the internet. You must check your modem for power status, and you can do so by looking at Power LED if it's showing a sign that Internet connection is available from the backend. Sometimes internet connectivity problems are from Internet service providers where you cannot do much about it other than calling them asking when the service will be restored.  Have a look at internet status light on your Wi-Fi router/modem if it's working then you should further check your internet connectivity issues, otherwise, call your internet service provider.

Restart and Reset Trick.

Sometimes your internet problem can easily be resolved with a simple trick, where you will just need to reboot the router once, and your internet starts working again. There is small power button available on every router; you must turn it off, wait for few seconds before turning it on. Otherwise, you can also reset your whole configuration of your router by simply pushing the reset button to keep your figure on it until your wireless router restarts. However, by using reset tricks, you will need to enter your username and password provided by Internet service provider before being able to start using the internet again. Just open a browser and access the internet router from your computer by putting IP default address into or any other physical address writer on the box of your Wireless router. It is always provided by the Internet service provider. In case you have any difficulty in doing it call your IT support service for help.

Check Your Router Setting.

 In many cases, you may be facing configuration and setting problems. There may be IP conflict, and your computer may not be set properly to access internet connection. You must check internet setting on your computer and make sure the internet connectivity is enabled. You must have a look at manual provided by your ISP to check configuration as it may differ slightly in a different area.

Try Installing Range Extender.

Sometimes there is not a problem with the internet but with the range of your wireless router. There may be certain areas in your home where it may not be able to deliver signals. In such cases, you will need to use range extender device to extend the range of your wireless router. You must call computer support service to get range extender installed at your place. You will enjoy very good signal strength all over your house with it.

Beware of Viruses,Worms & Malwares.

There are many types of viruses, worms, and malware that spread from device to device through computer network resulting in slow down or completely blocking your internet. Once your computer is infected they can generate a lot of internet traffic without your knowledge. You must also keep an eye on your internet connection consumption if it’s unusually increasing and you don’t have updated Antivirus then it might be the culprit.

Check your Network Adaptor /Wireless Card.

Sometimes you get internet connection troubles due to malfunctioning hardware like network adaptor or wireless card. It may not be installed correctly or need driver upgrade. You should right click on my computer and go to properties, click on device manager to see if Wireless or network adapter is installed correctly.

Still getting troubles? You must get help from computer support service in Dubai.  You can contact Whitehats for top class home and office support service in your area.

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