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6 Best Virtual Reality Apps for your Smartphone.

With growing sales of VR headsets that are expected to reach 80 million per year by 2021, it can be predicted that virtual reality will become a mainstream technology in near future. Not only it will become part of our shopping experience on the internet but will also make its way to our smartphones. It`s already happening, However, many people are still confused about this technology.
Virtual Reality or VR is computer generated vision environment that enables us to experience a different form of reality. This is not where you view something but feels like becoming part of it.This reality can be experienced by using VR headsets that fit around your head and over your eyes, visually separating you from the space that you are physically occupying.The VR headset fed your eyes visuals through two small lenses.This opens up unlimited possibilities to experience things without leaving your place, for example, you can virtually hike the Grand Canyon, experience the view from the topmost floor of Burj Khalifa Dubai, or experience the movie or video game as if you are part of it.
Many well-known companies are working on virtual reality mobile apps.There are currently more than 5000 VR apps are available on Google Play and App stores. These include good and less good apps, here we have discussed the selection of the best VR based mobile apps that are available to date.

1.VR Player.

it is free and one of the best VR video player available today for Android smartphones.It can play videos in 180 °, 360 °, in 2D or 3D (SBS and TBP).You can use ES explorer file manager to manage to manage its storage on the memory card or network. You can customize its setting according to your needs. This setting include
  • FOV (Field of View) settings.
  • Voice, gesture or physical commands with a joystick or keyboard.
  • Manage Subtitles.

2.360 Cities.

It is undoubtedly world`s largest collection of stock 360° images and videos. Although the application is dedicated to virtual reality but offers 360-degree views in its VR mode.It works just like YouTube while using it you can experience near to reality panoramic view of different cities and place around the world. All of the photos and videos are very high quality developed for best possible experience for users.  

3.Google Cardboard.

Google Cardboard apps are available for both Android and IOS.It can be used with cheapest VR headset from Google as it is just the simplest way to experience the VR through folded cardboard and few embedded lenses. You can use it by sticking your smartphone inside it and press it up to your face.By using its dedicated VR app, you will feel like going into another world. In addition to that, you can also use this app with headsets other than Google. You can use following options to customize your view,
  • Play videos in VR mode through a smartphone.
  • Explore more placed on Google Earth.
  • Photospheres view taken with Google Camera.
  • 3D, 360-degree view demonstration.

4. Cedar Point VR.

Wants to experience the amusement park while sitting at your home?. Cedar point VR provides a perfectly optimized view of a roller coaster through its Cedar Point VR. By using this app you will feel like you are visiting the Cedar Point Park and having a rise on a roller coaster.The frame rate of graphics is set at 60 fps that make is perfect for medium range smartphones.

5.Trinus VR.

The app provides ultimate gaming experience in VR. You can stream windows based games from your computer and by using this app you can enjoy it in VR mode through passive virtual reality headset.  You can also use it on PC if its Game stream compatible with moonlight mode that allows you to keep frame rate at 60 fps on 1080P and latency less than 18Ms.

6.Cmoar VR Cinema Pro.

If you want to experience virtual Cinema then Cmoar VR is the best app available for the smartphone. Fully loaded with different features to enhance your experience, you can watch any movies in it. Some of the features offered by it include
  • IPD, Distortion, and different tracking mode settings.
  • Can play both locally stored media files as shared by the network.
  • Adjust brightness, Download covers etc.
you can use these apps and let us know about your expereince.If you think there should be another app added to the list let us know.

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