3 in 1: TV,broadband and phone services for home users -
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3 in 1: TV,broadband and phone services for home users

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TV, broadband and phone services are now being offered by companies in the form of an integrated services to the home users in order to not only provide wholesome communication services but also to swell their user base in all their services. TV, Broadband and phone integrated services comes handy for budget conscious home users as well. It helps them keep track of the billing. All they have to do is spare money for one bill instead of the headache of paying for 3 services. It also relieves a customer to work with 3 different companies in order to get installation or maintenance of most important communications needs of a household. Cost effective packages offered by companies also increase the rate of interest of consumers who are always at look out for better services at lower costs. Some of the fringe benefits that you can make use of with the help the integrated services of TV, broadband and phone services include

  • Free minutes to call from phone
  • High Speed internet on lower cost than usual
  • Greater TV channels than single TV connection
  • Faster connections
  • Lesser need of cabling
These integrated services are one of the fruits of the advancement made in the world of technology. It helps a common user to enjoy all the entertainment and connectivity services with the help of a single optic fiber line. All you need to do is chose a right company that can not only chose a service provide with appropriate packages but can also install all the necessary equipment and infrastructure that is required to connect TC, broadband and phone services. Whitehats is a company which has thousands of satisfied home users as its clients. They have established these connections in numerous villas and houses around Dubai and all over UAE. Their experienced IT professionals take care of all the requirements put forward by their clients to provide them solutions that can ensure the most flawless delivery of services. As in case of UAE, support services and installation services for both DU and etisalat can be provided with top notch satisfaction of client. No matter which services provider you preffer, we can provide support and services according to your demands.

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