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12 Tips to Stay Secure On “Public Wi-Fi”

Wi-Fi internet where provides mobility and easy access to the Internet can also significantly increase the risk associated with data theft.  Many Businesses like Cafes, Restaurants, Gaming zones, and shopping areas are now offering free public Wi-Fi access to attract more and more customers.  However, these free hotspot Wi-Fi service is often vulnerable and leaves users unprotected against a variety of cybersecurity threats.   Therefore, it becomes the responsibility of the user to follow best practice advised by security experts to stay protected while using Public Wi-Fi. Additionally, you can get help from it Support service to improve the security of your laptop to use public Wi-Fi on it.

“Only 12% of Public Wi-Fi Networks in the USA are protected with Encryption key”.
Here are 12 simple tips that can help you stay safe on Public Wi-Fi

Make Sure you are Connected to Official Public Wi-Fi.

It is possible hackers set up fake Wi-Fi network to attract users. However, you may identify such Wi-Fi network with a name, for example, you will never find Official Starbucks Wi-Fi with the name of “Starbucks Wi-Fi Free service.” Therefore you must always use your intelligence and ask from the administrator before getting connected to official public Wi-Fi Hotspot.

Avoid Accessing Sensitive Information While On Public Wi-Fi.

Public Wi-Fi networks should not be used to access your sensitive information, for example,  it will be better staying off from your personal email account, online banking, credit, debit card accounts, or any other ways to accessing sensitive data on Public Wi-Fi.  
Global public WiFi hotspots are set to grow 350% within 6 years  from 1.3 million in 2011 to 6.5 million by 2017

Turn Off File Sharing.

You may share movies, songs and other files within your home Wi-Fi network however when using Public Wi-Fi you must turn off all these sharing.  Unless you disable yourself these file-sharing services will remain open for access from anyone. Therefore, you must turn it off manually otherwise it can allow hackers to gain access to your computer or mobile device easily. For Windows PC you can disable sharing by going into advanced sharing settings of home group section and Network and Internet setting in the Control Panel.

Use VPN.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, its secure way of communication where your web traffic goes through secure network connection over public Wi-Fi. That means you enjoy both facilities and services of a private network with freedom of Wi-Fi network. There are many free VPN services available however a paid version will provide the completely secured private connection. In case you are unsure about using VPN, you can contact it services in Dubai to get professional help.

Disable Automatic Connections to Open Wi-Fi Networks.

A simple way of keeping your self-protected from unauthorized access is that you must turn automatic connection to Wi-Fi hotspot off. By keeping your mobile device for automatic access of Wi-Fi means it will get connected without your permission that may seriously affect your privacy online. You must always connect public Wi-Fi manually rather than automatically.

Use HTTPS ( Hyper Text Transfer Protocol).

Web content transferred in plain text format can be an easy target for hackers. Anyone having access to the network connection may sniff your communication through Wi-Fi hotspot. Although there are a number of websites that use HTTP based encryption to transfer data however you must not rely on that. You can yourself create this HTTP-based connection by installing simple web browser extension called HTTPS everywhere. This will help you keep your communication over internet secure.

Use Two-Factor Authentication.

A two-factor authentication is based on providing two pieces of information that can be verified to login into a specified account.  This type of authentication is something you know and something you have.  It is usually a password (that is something you know) and passcode sent directly to your mobile phone device. Many popular websites use this form of authentication. It provides additional security because even if your password is compromised, you are still secured.

Password Protection should be High Priority.

Everyone knows about the importance of passwords, but people still make a mistake by not following common best practices for example
  • You must use a strong
  • You must use unique passwords for different accounts.
  • You must periodically change your passwords as well.
To facilitate the protection of your password, you can use a password manager like KeePass or LastPass, etc.

Log out of your Account When finished.

If you have a personal account on Public Wi-Fi, you must always make sure to log out before turning your computer off. Not logging off your account can help hackers to get into your Wi-Fi account easily.

Turn On OS Firewall Service.

Most of the Operating systems including Microsoft Windows come with a built-in firewall in them that monitors incoming and outgoing traffic from all connections.  A firewall will not provide you any protection against threats unless it is enabled.  You can enable firewall by locating firewall setting in your Windows-based computer.

Turn off Wi-Fi if not in use.

One simple trick that you may use to increase the security of your Wi-Fi is that you must turn off your mobile device when not in use. For example at night when you are sleeping or while going out of your home. Keeping it off your Wi-Fi will be less identifiable and less targeted by hackers.

Run Anti-Virus Software.

You must always make sure you have the latest version of anti-virus installed in your computer. Antivirus can alert you against any type of cyber-attacks. For example, any virus that is being loaded on your computer or ransomware that is trying to encrypt your files. With antivirus, you will be able to identify any suspicious behavior quickly.
If you don’t have antivirus installed in your PC, you can get from PC support service in Dubai

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