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10 Tricks to make your Home Wi-Fi Broadband work Faster

Wi-Fi Broad is now most common way of using the internet. Where it offers enormous benefits to home users, it has few drawbacks as well. Since it broadcast its single in the air, these signals are subjected to a number of factors that may decrease their strength. As a result, the internet may become a slow or significant reduction in its signal strength. Many factors decide the performance of your Wi-Fi broadband. Some are beyond your control however you can use following tricks to make your Wireless broadband work faster.

Trick 1. Where you put your Wi-Fi Router matters a lot.

You may don’t like the look of Wi-Fi Router, but that does not mean to put it behind the cabinet or TV. Wi-Fi router broadcast signals in all directions, therefore, you should place it at a central location where it can broadcast signal equally on all sides. Remember don’t put Wi-Fi router near Wall, behind the tv or in the cabinet.

Trick 2.  Place your Wi-Fi Router Off the ground. 

Wi-Fi router broadcast signals in slightly downward direction. That means in case you put it on the ground directly, some of the signals will be directed toward down will go waste. You can avoid this wastage by placing Wi-Fi router few feets off the ground.

Trick 3. Placing your Wi-Fi Router in Open area can help. 

Interference due to different household products can cause a lot of signals wastage. If you have an open living room in your home. It will be a good idea to place your router there because it will cause minimum interference to signal strength.

Trick 4.  Keep your Router at nearest place where you use internet. 

Another way to enjoy good Wi-Fi broadband speed is to keep your router at nearest place where you use the internet more often.   It is obvious near you are to Wi-Fi router , the more strength and speed of Wi-Fi broadband.

Trick 5. Keep your Wi-Fi Router away from Electronics. 

If your router is placed near electronic devices. Then this might be the potential reason why your Wi-Fi broadband signal strength is low. Electronic cause huge interference to broadband signals that may cause wastage if signal.

Trick 6. Certain direction of Antenna might help.

Wireless router usually has one or two antennas that broadcast signals in the air. Positioning antennas in a certain way might increase signal strength. As a result your Wi-Fi broadband speed will be faster.  The direction of the signal broadcast is perpendicular. If your Wireless router has two antennas, then position one wireless router vertically and another horizontally.   It is the best way to maximize signal strength. In most cases the Wi-Fi Adaptor in your laptop is placed vertically that will benefit from similar positioned Wi-Fi router Antenna.

Trick 7. Check if Wi-Fi Bandwidth is consumed by Heavy Software Applications.

As a home user, there might be your family members who are also using same internet connection. In case someone is regularly using online games websites, downloading torrent files, or using services like Netflix.  All these services and software applications can consume a significant amount of broadband bandwidth.  As a result, internet becomes slow. You may use QoS services to prefer one application or software over other to be at priority for Wifi bandwidth.

Trick  8. Check if someone is stealing your Wi-Fi Broadband Bandwidth.

Wi-Fi broadband internet is not very secure. There are many ways people can hack into your internet connection and start using it. Even WPA 2 PSK password protection can be broken down easily. Therefore you should keep an eye on how your internet connection is being used. In the case of any unusual bandwidth usage patterns, you must explore all the connected devices and should immediately change the password.

Trick 9 Use Latest Wi-Fi Devices. 

Technology is changing fast; there are new wireless devices available in the market if you don’t have latest Wi-Fi devices or have older Wireless card adaptor then replacing them latest devices is a good idea.

Trick 10. Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) might be at fault.

If you have tried all the above tricks and still could not improve your Wifi broadband speed, then it might be a problem at ISP end. You must contact their IT support services for help. mavi su cialis

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